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NuVoice UG-3 wireless question....

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by mello_bedwetter, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Just wondered if anyone has tried the NuVoice UG-3 wireless with their bass. I'm borrowing a friend's and when I turn it on and play there is a hissing/fuzz noise that comes from the amp/cab. I tried different frequencies but the noise doesn't go away. I do live in an older house so I thought maybe a ground issue may be a cause though I haven't had a problem before. I did a ground lift and no improvement. I tried it with new batteries and also with the AC adapter. Is it just the quality of the unit maybe? I called the company and they say it should be clear. I just thought I'd see if anyone has tried one. I'm going to take it to practice Saturday and see if I have the same results. If I get it working I'm not planning on using it during a gig...just before hand to check the "mix" since we have no sound guy. BTW, we just run vocals through the PA. Thanks.
    Also I tried 4 different basses and 3 amps.
  2. This is an inexpensive unit from a company that's not known for great reliability. The Vocopro tech is correct that is should be clear, BUT there can be many reasons you're getting noise.

    1) It's analog. You could be catching something int he air. The only way to know is try it in a different location.

    2) It could be a component about to fail. Bad opamps can cause hiss as they start to fail but so can a lot of other things.

    3) Make sure that the volume knob is not BOOSTING your signal. On units with a volume knob it's possible to do this and what you're hearing is the system hiss in the unit or , if you have an active bass, the noise from the preamp that's always been there you just didn't notice it.

    4) MAke sure you're using a power supply designed to use with effects pedals. Generic power supplies are not designed to run an audio circuit and can cause noise. If you're getting the noise with batteries also this is unlikely.

    Note that the freq. response on the unit is 50hz - 20khz. This means that your "E" and "B" strings will sound weak because they are below the 50hz. Put another way, this unit will not be great for bass even if it was working perfectly.
  3. I just found a post on here about wireless units. It did say to go digital. One of the products suggested was the Line 6 G30 Digital. Have you had any experience with it? Thanks for your quick reply too.

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