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  1. Stumbled upon their website and became instantly interested with all the different boards they had available. Anyone heard or had any experience with them? I would love to try one but I've never built a byoc or anything like that let alone a full build like this so it might be diving right into the deep end. Thoughts? - Guitar Effects Pedal PCB Shop
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    I have not used this outfit, but I've bought circuit boards from Madbean pedals and Tonepad. There's several other outfits selling PCBs as well.

    tonepad -- guitar effect circuit boards for DIY projects

    Products – GuitarPCB

    AMZ Guitar Effects PC Boards - Ready to solder

    The Madbean boards I've bought have been great quality. The Tonepad boards are lesser quality, thin traces, but are still fine.

    For me, the difficult part of building a pedal is fitting and drilling out the enclosure. Many circuit boards come with a drill template, so that's nice. Soldering parts to a PC board is really the easiest type of soldering to do, but I'd still start out with something cheap, simple and easy (like a booster or fuzz) to get your feet wet.
  3. Thanks for the info on the other sites. I found a couple places that do some predrill enclosures but I imagine that could be problematic if a general drill and not to the exact board. Where you source components for it though? That was something I had some trouble really finding. My thoughts would to something simple like you suggest with something more complex like their rainbow machine clone to be the end goal.
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