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Pendulum's SPS-1 pre amp

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Randy Ward, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. http://www.pendulumaudio.com/SPS-1.html

    Has anyone checked these out? An acoustic guitarist friend told me I was wasting my time with the preamp blenders I was looking at and this is the only serious choice. Bigger than my ideal and too rich for my blood but...if it sounds and work well with DB... I might be tempted. Couldn't find anything here about it with a search, anyone tried one? I am hoping to get together with this guy and try it play through it with my bass Max/golden bullet combo in a couple days.
  2. Just in case anyone was interested:

    I was able to try out the pendulum and A/B it with Raven Labs PMB (which I later discovered was a model I version) and a Raven Labs Universal Stereo Instrument Preamp.

    The setting was at a house and sort of an informal jam with a friend who recently got a custom nylon 8 string classical guitar with highland mic and piezos. He was also interested in a new pre amp for this instrument. A salesman from ft Lauderdale's music and more brought 'floor models' of these pre amps plus a 100 watt 4x8 ultrasound powered cabinet. The guitarist and I played standards and switched pre amp between songs. Letting the salesman dial in sounds although both of us preferred to start with flat settings.

    The pendulum is extremely hi fi and pristine sounding (it better be for that price)! Apparently the makers sell a mic (I've forgotten the maker) that they tweak for this pre amp and your particular instrument. It has a 'studio' sound that just was not present with the Raven Labs. In fact playing through it and the ultrasound was akin to playing through studio monitors. However we were both impressed at how the Raven Labs Universal Stereo Instrument Preamp came close with some gentle tweaking considering the price difference. To me the Raven Labs USIP actually sounded more 'natural' and the sound blended better with the guitar when playing in this duo setting.

    My feeling is that if there are any players here that are so serious about an amplified sound that price is no object this is something to at least look at. It really made the golden bullet on my bass sound like what I've wanted always it to. I imagine the results with the higher end bass mics could be stellar. There is nothing else like it on the market.

    the ultrasound cabinet was nice but my feelings were that 100 watts is less than I'd need, and I got the feeling it wasn't really sturdy enough for the trenches. But I did like the sound of the 8's and I am now really interested in some sort of cabinets with 8s.

    In the end, my 8 string guitarist friend did buy the Raven Labs Universal Stereo Instrument Preamp, I am still saving my money.