Philisophical, life changeing songs???

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  1. Zorth41


    Dec 28, 2013
    I was just seeing if anyone had any songs (or albums) that were big eye openers, maybe even name a couple with an explanations.

    While ive got hundreds of songs and albums that shaped who I am, the one sticking out to me was Waste of Paint by Bright Eyes

    This song appears on their third album, and while the whole album is incredible, this one stands out due to its harsh speech by conor oberst about loneliness vs happiness, this is backed further by the fact that the whole song is just him playing guitar and vocals.

    In one of the verses he talks about how this couple he knows who he believes are living in a fantasy by being in love and how their ignorance is bliss, but what never gets addressed is whether or not is jealous of them.

    if you've never heard conor's lyrics before i would definitely listen to this song as an introduction to his music
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  3. I'd been working at my job as a lab tech for 10 years. A new guy started there. It was a small lab and we were like oil and h20. Long story short, he was promoted to be my supervisor. Next morning, as my habit is, I was listening to music drinking coffee before heading off to work. I was in the depths of despair when this played, the chorus from Bach's BWV 21 Ich hatte viele Bekummernis (I Had Many Troubles). The 1st line is repeated by a bass soloist while the rest is sung by a choir under it: (pardon any errors in translation)
    Be now contented, my soul, for the Lord does you good. (soloed)

    - What helps us the heavy worries
    What helps us the woe and aching
    What helps us, that we every morning
    Sigh over our misfortunes?

    - We make our strife and sorrow
    Only greater through our mourning
    Think not in your pressing distress
    That you from God forsaken be

    - That him with constant luck eats
    The following times changes a great deal
    and sets his own destination

    I felt while I listened to this comfort, strength, and faith flow into me in a way I've never felt before. What a treasure it is when you find music that not only refreshes you mentally, but renews and strengthens your spirit.
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    I don't know if it was life changing, but Struggling Man by Jimmy Cliff kept me sane when I first got out of college and learned the reality of looking for work in a new field in a recession.
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    Jan 22, 2012
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    First good laugh of the day, thanks Titus.

    As for me, I don't know, if it has necessarily changed my life, or if its "philosophical", but Glycerine by Bush has gotten me through every bad breakup I've ever had.

    And another big two for those crumby days where you just wanna give up, The Pass, as well as Bravado by Rush are my go-to tunes to just feel a little empowered, like I don't completely suck at everything. Im sure more will come to me, I'll be back :ninja:
  6. Soulshine, Allman Brothers 1994
  7. Ziltoid

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    Apr 10, 2009
    Sam Well - What what (in the butt)
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    Time by Pink Floyd.
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    Dec 28, 2013
    yes sir
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    When I think of all the good times that I've wasted having good times ...