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  1. Hello friends, if you have the time and a bit of knowledge i'd appreciate your help.

    Im a new player, with not so much cash, a loaned mediocore instrument and in a rush to get myself amplified. Just now im not so concerned about getting the right amp, but the right pickup. After considering all the brand names ive come across a small company that manufacture their own. I think its in the fashion of an Underwood, that is, it has one "tube" that slots in on the bridge. Is this sort of thing okay? Im playing a lot of jazz at the moment, and like i say im pretty short on money while i save to purchase my own nice instrument. Any thoughts or advice would be grealy apprecitated, or any suggestions on the best suited device for me.

    thanks for your help one and all.

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    Check out the Links at the top of the pickup forum. There is a wealth of information there. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive pickup that sounds good, check out the Bass Max that Bob Gollihur sells.
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    It's a little difficult to assist you without more information. Since there is no way to tell what pickup you are considering, without seeing a picture, which may be difficult for you, or giving us a website for the pickup where we could look at it, but if it's a small local company they probably don't have one.

    Generally, most piezo pickups like the one you're describing have to
    fit snugly in the wing slots of the bridge to work properly. If they are mounted incorrectly they can't reproduce the sound of the bass. They like a
    tight fit. Adrian's suggestion is a good one, since From you post I would gather that you don't live in the U.S.

  4. Thanks for this. Youre right, im actually in the UK and im a bit reluctant to buy from the US. I think we can get charged quite highly on customs and stuff over here by the time the package arrives. But here's the site i found. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/geoff.bowers/bass.htm

    It has no pic on the site, but the guy has emailed me one. It looks pretty similar to Bob's Bass Max that you speak off.

    If you get a chance have a look, i really appreciate your help.

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    That's the funniest web page that I've seen in quite some time. I loved that pictures of all the local groups that gave their testimonials for " BigWood" pickups. This is definitely a small cottage business that's located in Wales. I do remember that Michael Moore had a pickup built in Wales that he was touting at one time, before the Realist was on the market.
    I'd use the try before you buy plan if you can afford it. There aren't' any North American pickup designers that will let you do that! It Would have saved most of us over here a lot of expense. It's also reasonably priced from what I can gather.
    One of our group did post how to build you're own pickup if you or a friend has some elementary skills in electronics. Here's the link to the post.


    or you can click on the link titled "How to Build A Pickup" under Amps & Pickups.

    Let us know how this turns out for you.

  6. I've been using the K&K Bassmax for a couple of years now. I've used it on two different basses, plywood and carved, and it's a fantastic pick-up for the price. I've been able to use it without a pre-amp and run a pretty flat EQ on my small Fender amp. It wedges in the bass side bridge wing and doesn't require much custom fitting, and very unobtrusive.

    I've ordered CD's from the UK with no duties I don't think. They were pricey, but I figured that was just the exchange rate. Maybe UK import from USA is different. Gollihur would probably ship anywhere.

    On the other hand, the endorsements of the Big Wood are compelling and it mounts in the same location. Endorsements would read similarly for a Bassmax. If the Big Wood is similar and you can try it risking postage, that's not too bad. If you don't like it you can always order a Bassmax later. I don't know what the exchange rate is now, but the Bassmax is usually about U$D 90 sold here.

    In the USA, there are three (my favorites) popular lower priced bass transducers, the K&K Bassmax is the best and lowest priced, IMO. The Underwood and the Realist are the other two and they have a good sound also, but cost a little more. The K&K is the easiest to mount. When you aren't electric it comes off, no hassle.

    If you try the Big Wood let us know how it works.
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  8. Hello friends,
    Many thanks for your expert help. Ive decided to support my local trader and go ahead with the Big Wood. No fear, ill return with my own testimonial over the next few days.

    Hope youre all well.
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    The Upton Revolution SOLO probably deserves a mention here too I reckon. I have used the SOLO and the K&K Bass Max, and I would recommend either one.

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    In my experience, the K&K BassMax pales in comparison to the Revolution Solo. The BassMax, for me, was a "hot" pickup with an exagerated lower mid-range that made all three basses on which I had it sound like overgrown BGs. The RS, on the other hand, ends up sounding like a DB.
  11. Hi there.
    I received my "Big Wood" pickup on Monday. I think it sounds pretty good. Needless to say im pretty ill equipped with a very average, badly set up bass and my electric bass amp, but the reproduction seems pretty authentic. Also, Geoff, the manufacturer seems a top bloke and has been of great assistance to me so far. However, im far from an authority on these technical things.

    Thanks for your help once again.
  12. One of the most detailed endorsements of the the Big Wood pick-up talked about moving it around to find what I call the "sweet spot". I had to experiment a little like that with the Bassmax on both of the basses I use it on.

    As was mentioned on another thread, even if it is the best pick-up, it won't sound any better than the bass does. I was really surprised how much better my same-old pick-up sounded when I got a better bass with a better set up.

    Your first impressions sound encouraging, persevere.