pics of my DIY 412

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    I am still waiting for the drivers, coating, speakercloth, and hardware to arrive, so it will be a few weeks untill it is finished.

    This cab is meant for rockers: no tweeter, 104 db sensitivity.
  2. Foz


    Jul 26, 2008
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    Nice... what speakers will you be using?
  3. The drivers are a bit of a secret because i might go commercial with this design.
    They are not made by eminence or celestion but by a relatively small manufacturer.
    Goal is a vintage looking and sounding cab that can be driven by a relatively small tube amp; 50 watts could be enough.
  4. Boostedrex


    Feb 24, 2009
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    Looks like nice clean work so far. What frequency is it going to be tuned to? And are you concerned with port noise at all seeing as that slot port is pretty small? (or at least looks a bit small)

  5. Port noise didnt seem a problem in the simulation. Wheter it will be a problem in the real world remains to be tested. At least the port is on the backside..
    The port is 2 inches.
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    I'm really curious what speakers you are using since this looks like a really shallow cab for 4 12" speakers.
  7. It is a really shallow cab. 40 liters per driver.
    I really cannot comment on the make of the drivers because of my possibly commercial intentions. This cabinet is sort of an experimental prototype and the experiment may well fail.
    -3 db point is comparable to an ampeg 810, so it wont go as deep as other 412's.
  8. CrackBass


    Aug 10, 2004
    I can't imagine how keeping the drivers a secret (especially their specs) will get you anywhere around this crowd. Talkbass is full of the most notorious (yet knowlegable) speaker mythbusting minds around. They will acknolwedge good engineering with praise and pile on and flame anything that falls into the questional category. Anyway the first thing I want to know about a speaker cab is what speakers it utillizes, especially if I am going to buy it.

    P.S there are probably 20-30 people on this board who could identify the mystery driver from nothing more than a grainy cell pic and the info on your thread thusfar, so be careful.
  9. You are of course completely right. The "speaker mythbusting minds" can deduct from the info given what kind of drivers are used. I have no problems with this. If one seriously thinks of manufacturing cabs then you soon discover that designing the cabs is not the big hurdle; doing so at a competitive price however is...
    Many manufacturers list their drivers as 'propriatary'; consider these drivers also 'proprietary' ( sorry for bad english... i'm dutch).
  10. Since it doesn't have a tweeter, what is the upper usable frequency of the secret drivers?

    I like the rear port. Keeps the old school look.
  11. That is rather dependant on ones interpretation of usable...
    The speakers have output up to 5 Khz, but at that point they will of course beam like mad. Also there is the issue of comb filtering effects because of the driver allignment.
    I am kind of gambling on the notion that the beaming will counteract the comb filtering.
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    They may be proprietary, but they still will adhere to the same laws of physics that every other driver on the planet must adhere to. As for the 4x12 concept, it's intrinsically flawed by having drivers mounted side by side. One design aspect that is finally gaining acceptance in the bass community, fifty years too late, is the abandoning of mounting drivers side by side.
    You'll lose that bet. Above the frequency that's one wavelength long at the driver center to center distance you will have combing. Below that frequency horizontal dispersion will be half that of a single driver.
  13. Vertical dispersion must obey the same laws and that scares me a bit more to be honest... changing your horizontal position in relation to the cab is easier than changing your vertical position in relation to the cab.

    Of course the comb filtering problems also apply to all 410 cabs and those are still popular.
  14. I would expect it to be about the same as a guitar 4x12...which is bad...but that is to say that you probably won't notice comb filtering when standing right in front of the cab, but you will notice it beaming all the high frequencies at your knees.

    What jointer are you using? I keep picking up the Freud at Lowes and admiring it.
  15. Its been a while since i built the cab.
    After a long wait the speakers finally arrived, but i had no time to install them and test.
    But in the last few weeks i finally found the time.
    I played the cab solo and also lent it to some bands performing at a local venue.
    The results are positive: it sounds even better than expected.
    The definition is better than anything i have ever heard; probably because the bracing is performing better than i expected. Vibration in the cabs walls is almost completely absent even at insane volume. Speaking of insane volume: this cab delivers exectly that. 104 db 1w/1m really is very loud. There is a lack of sub-bass (-3 db point is 60 hertz) but this is no problem in a band context unless you play reggae. You will miss the sub-bass when you play solo, but in band context i did not miss it at all.
    Comb filter effects due to speakers allignment are certainly noticable but to my surprise i actually liked them: this way you can make the bassguitar louder where you stand without bandmates complaining you are too loud. I will post more pics when i am ready with the finishing on the cab.