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Preamp>power amp> speaker wiring how to

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Saintmikhael, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Saintmikhael


    Mar 7, 2014
    I was looking at a set up of

    Tech 21 RBI SansAmp RBI> Crown xls 1500> Ampeg Pro Neo PN-410HLF

    and then later when I have the money adding another pn-410. However after many hours of searching and not finding I decided to sign up here to ask how would I wire the power amp to the cab? I think I have to bridge mono it but I keep reading you have to mod wires which I really dont want to have to do lol.

    Also does this seem like decent set up? and if not what should be changed?
  2. I've been using the RBI since it came out and am a big fan of it. Personally for me I've had the best results by running the RBI 1/4 wet out into just the power section of bass heads. for some reason PA power amps just haven't worked for me, maybe its a line level issue or something. I've tried several power amps from peavey and QSC, some even rated at double the power of the bass amps I've used but still didn't work as well. my suggestion is to buy a used bass head that has either a power amp in or and effects return that can be used as a power amp in. having a power amp in is the more foolproof way to do it because effects loop wiring varies from amp to amp and in some amps the effects return will NOT act as a power amp in. My suggestion is to get a high powered inexpensive bass head. One of the best amps to use with the RBI or any sans amp for that matter is the ampeg b4R which is rated 1000W @ 4 ohms. and has a power amp in. I've mostly run mine into the effects return of an SWR 750x which with that particular head allows me to just use the power amp and limiter on the head while the RBI acts as my preamp. the ampeg SVT7 also has a power amp in and is much easier to carry but what youll save in back pain you'll pay in money.
  3. First off, this is a great set up!
    I use to have my Sansamp RBI going into a crown amp, then switch to QSC PLX amp.

    You have a couple different of options on how to set it up.
    But your question seems geared towards the amp and cab.

    You don't have to bridge it, but if you want to, you can use a speaker cable and just buy a banana plug adapter. Use the banana plugs on the 2 red slots while in bridge mode.
    That's one way.
    Your cab will receive either 300w or 1000w bridged.
  4. Saintmikhael


    Mar 7, 2014
    @ Nephilymbass Thats actually my back up plan if Im not comfortable enough with doing individual components. I was looking into these heads ampeg SVT 7pro (I know about the build quality issue with this one), SVT 8pro, SVT4pro. I was also looking into these heads (TC RH750 cause of the awesome flexablitly, and mesa M9 carbine) but was more skeptical on them cause Im not sure if they will be able to handle two ampeg pn-410HLFs and use them to their max capability. Any thoughts on whats the best choice of those? I play Metal if that matters. I am a bit of a noob on this stuff. This will be my first "real" rig even though Ive been playing for a few years now
  5. Saintmikhael


    Mar 7, 2014
    @ OrangeJ I was actually looking into the QSC's as well. I had never really heard of them before I started reading a few forums. Is there a reason why those seem to be more popular than the crowns?

    I believe I do have the preamp to power amp connection figured out. However are those banana plugs going to be ok for touring? My band is planning on touring as far as possible on the east coast so I wasnt sure how sturdy they were. Also how is the connection? both secure wise and sound quality? Or would I be better just sucking it up and moding a speakon or paying someone to?

    One last thing what would the connection look like when I have two 410neos? Or should I just buy a bigger power amp and run it in stereo?