Premium Makeover: Semi-hollow Edition

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    Jan 23, 2008
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    I've been a huge fan of Bisonic pickups ever since I got into the 60's Jack Casady and Phil Lesh tones, back in my teens. My first bass that was equipped with any Bisonic family pickup was an Ibanez ASB-140 I bought new in 2007, for which I ordered a new Hammon Dark Star pickup (replacing the stock humbucker in the middle position). I sold that one to a buddy of mine to help raise funds for my first vintage Guild Starfire bass.
    Recently I got a good deal on another one of these ASB-140 basses thanks to a good deal of wear and tear. Pictured below is the result of a little bit of tweaking -- dual Hammon Dark Stars, Vol Vol Tone controls, and the new Gotoh GB707 tuners are still in the mail, but on their way.
    Neat thing with this one is that, since all my other basses are ~30.75" short-scales, I've strung this 34" Ibanez up with some heavy flats and will be keeping it in DGCF tuning, so that it's essentially a standard short-scale bass starting at the 2nd fret, with the open and first fret positions effectively being an extension into some lower territory, which will be fun to play around with. Really comfortable and sounds like thunder, as you can imagine. Really proud of how this one came out, so I figured I'd share it with my fellow TBers. Prost!

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    That looks fantastic!
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