Prostrating at the Altar of Dart

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    Now that I have recording capabilities, I decided to go for maximum punishment, and took a crack at laying down some Joe Dart-style groove. Haven't sat down and tried to lift this song properly (besides the general grooves of the A and B sections), so this is really more of me just doing a semi-legit impression. Still can't escape my prog rock roots (not that I really want to), so it's not exactly "funk traditional", but I thought I would put it up here for S&Gs. Are we not bassists? Who else do I get to share this with, guitar players? LOL

    The signal chain is pretty basic: P Bass > Audient iD4 > GarageBand

    If I had a Jazz, that would have likely would have gotten me closer tonally to JD, but I've been neglecting the poor P recently, and thought it should get some play time!

    Also, I REALLY tried to keep my girlfriend out of the frame, but her afro has kept increasing in size, and there's only so far over I can scooch!
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