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  1. This might be a bit of a n00b question, but it's something that gave me a lot of thinking lately, as I purchased some pretty nice pedals and the fear of damaging them has grown.

    Long story short: I see no PSUs with an on/off switch, so in order to turn power off one just pulls the plug, right? But I have seen some accessory connector (like those by Temple Audio) which feature a switch.

    So I was wondering: does pulling off the plug cause any harm to the pedals and/or the PSU itself? Is the use of a switch "safer"? From an ignorant point of view, pulling the plug seems brutal to me, but the complete absence of dedicated switches on the PSUs leaves me wondering.
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    Everyone I know who uses them plug into a power strip (with a switch). Any AC powered FX are also plugged into it, too, so that everything can be powered up and down at the same time with the one switch (on the power strip).
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  3. I've been using this for my Cioks:


    But I am upgrading my PSU and the AC/DC converter I got for the new one is a classic one, no switches, just cable and plug. That's why I was wondering. Anyway I have already found an adapter to connect the new PSU to the shown above connector.
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    Unplugging is fine. It does not hurt pedals or the power supply in any way.
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    MXR MC403. I use one, but it won’t fit under every pedalboard
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    Might I ask where you got that?
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