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Recommend me some pickups please

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by BassMan257, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. I decided to build a project bass... and this is the body ill be owning shortly..


    its "hollowchanbered"

    I have no clue what to have put in for picups... i know i want a jazz, and a pbass picup put in, jazz at the bridge of course, but dont know what kinds... Im thinking im going to try and really deck the bass out, and wait untill i have money to finish it all, cause it will really be a nice piece of work then...

    first i was thinking fender all americans, but there are so many different kinds of picups, and i havent tried any of them :bawl:

    thanks for your help
  2. so um... yeah
  3. Do you think i should use quarterpounders for the split picups?

    from looking around they sound like a good choice...

    im debating on them and the fender vintage 62's

    im really looking for somewhat of an older sound (and i know it depends alot on the body design) but which do you think would get the job done better? and why?
  4. well i dont really have anywhere to stand on my opinion on this, casue i've never tried these before. but consider seymour duncan SPB or SPJ-1's, or SPJ/SPB-2 (hot output) theyre both vintage, but the 2's are hotter. i've herad these are better than fenders 62.

    i dont think a quarter pounder would get that vintage sound well, cause all of the players i've heard of using them play pop or new rock or something. but its recommended for classic rock so i dont know.
  5. well, im kinda an indie rock guy myself (i know, thats not to descriptive, but just kinda tells you versitle would be nice as well...)

    by hot out put what do you mean? just louder? or something else

    thanks for responding though ^_^
  6. i mean, I want tones that are deep but still can get some treble on it... ive got a nice amp with a 12 band on it, so things can be adjusted, and ive got a cab that can handle lows really well and i would really like a deep sound... Kind of like a dance bass sound... deeper than a well, not so mid-ish and able to produce some nice treble sounds to, enough to give it some good definition anyways...

    i plan on riging it up with nylon tape wound strings, and getting a fretted neck, and if I like it, ill keep it, but if i think fretless would be sweet, ill have someone whittle them down...
  7. well, i guess ill just have to stay in the dark...:crying:
  8. yeah, high output means they cut through more and are louder. i've read the reviews on SPB series and i've heard they kinda cut the low end and are a bit boomy, but that could be what your looking for. SPB-1's are more well rounded for everything, but with a 12-band EQ you could probly fix any flaws in the tone either way.

    deep with treble? i think EMGs would fit that pretty well, and dimarzio's. look around, rio grande's or delano's might suit your needs, try and gather as much info and reiews on them though. i think a certain model of delano's has more bass and treble than mids.
  9. Wademeister63


    Aug 30, 2004
    Denton Tx
    Seriously, I think you should get something as cheap as possible to start off. Get the bass together and get to know it a little. If you end up really liking it, you might upgrade the pickups. If it doesn't turn out like you hope, you won't be out much money.
  10. yes, if i wanted to do that, i would just gut my other bass...

    i could do that, which is a pretty good idea, but i would still like to know peoples prefreces/recommendations... just simply because i havent been playing electric lately, and ive never really gone and tried out or messed with any other picups, just strings...

    actually my friend, you leave me with a verry good point... i think thats what ill do for the time being, or just pick up some cheap ones on ebay or something...

    i really need to find someone who could cut me pickup holes and set it all up...

    seems as if i need to get my ducks in a row first.. forget the pickups for now, but ill take the considerations given... thanks