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  1. I have semi-hollowbody viking bass from Hagstrom. The bridge trapeze was unable to handle the string tension and one of the "teeth" that holds the string on the trapeze warped and will no longer keep the string in place at full tension. I tried to gently coerce the small piece of metal back in place, but of course it only loosened it so now the tooth is completely ripped off.

    A replacement trapeze for this exact model seems impossible to track down so I'm now looking for options for holding the strings. Since its a semi-hollowbody, I assume the middle section is solid wood, so a string through body option may be possible.

    What options do I have? Any recommendations or suppliers you know of?

    If pics would help let me know and I'll try and get a hold of a camera.
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    pics always help
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    I'd suggest you visit the Hagstrom Sweden website where they have lots of replacement parts available.

  4. I tried News and didn't see a section dedicated to replacement parts.

    Is there an american supplier website I haven't found?
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    Do you have a solution in the meantime? Can't you give the whole bass back since this seems to be a manufacturing / construction quality problem?
    I own this bass for a week now and just came across this potential problem when changing the strings to flatwounds. The outer "tooth" of the metal piece holding the G string already is bending towards the pulling direction of the strings. I also recognized that the metal piece for holding the ball ends is only glued to the trapeze tail piece. This is done very non-professional so that the glue is all over the metal but the two parts are only glued together at the outer ends with no contact between these points for 2/3 of the distance. Doesn't look very trustworthy...
    Did the "tooth" on your bass loosen during normal playing or when you changed the strings?
  6. I just ended up buying a Hofner style trapeze. Two of the holes lined up but I had to drill a new hole for the strap peg. It plays perfectly now and I've used it live. If the tooth that holds the G string starts to warp or pull towards the headstock, buy a new trapeze immediately. It will only continue to get worse. My G started to go out of tune so I tried to tighten it, but when I did, the tooth finally warped so far forward that the ball just came flying out.
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    Thanks for the hint. I will bring it back to the shop and first try to exchange with another one, that might not have this problem. Since I only read about this once until now there is a chance that some basses from this series are OK. By the way: how much was the Hofner style part you got and can you please give the model name and make or a link?
  8. I got my trapeze from ebay because it was cheaper, so its authenticity is subject. However, I'd venture to say, that if it fits a beatle bass it'll fit the Hag (you'll just need to drill one hole).

    I didn't have a return option because I bought mine online, but I would certainly take that route if I bought it in-store. I'd bet only a select few trapeze are really subject. We probably just got unlucky.
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    You're not alone. I have the same issue with my Viking bass. Otherwise, it's a terrific instrument, so I'll try and resolve the issue. It only took me 5 minutes to determine that the Viking is a lifelong keeper. It's that good.
  10. Yeah, mine still has a few minor issues, but even still, I'll pay a lot of money to make sure those issues are resolved. Its a great instrument for anyone who's willing to work with it.

    That being said, I know there is a lack of online reviews and quality video demonstrations, so if anyone finds this thread and is interested in either a review or video demonstration, let me know and I'll try and post one.
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    Endorsing Artist: Hagstrom, Mahalo
    I spent yesterday with an independent movie company doing just that - making high quality product demos. We did nice work, in my humble opinion. If Hagstrom wants to reach me for their instrument demos, here I am! ;)
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    I had this exact same problem when I bought mine a few months ago. The night before I was due to play I gig I noticed the tooth by the G string bending out of place and didn't want to gig with it as it looked ready to snap.

    I took it back to the shop who have been trying to get a replacement part out of Hagstrom. It's been in the shop for a few months now and they have not received anything from Hagstrom. It's getting to the stage where I feel like getting a refund on the whole bass, as this seems to be a known fault.

    Good luck with yours!
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    This may help