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  1. I'm going to end up replacing two speakers in my Ampeg SVT-212e. They were already replaced once and have Peavey Scorpion (pretty bad for bass IMO) 200 watt 12's in it now. I don't know what the cab is rated at, but I believe they're 4 ohm speakers.
    Anyways, I need at least 300 watts at 8 ohms, and prefer American, Canadian, or European made Speakers. Price range is $200-300. Any suggestions?
    I'm probably going to end up going and trying Weber Bass 12's but am making sure it'll be a smart choice.
  2. Bill Staudt

    Bill Staudt

    Jun 18, 2002
    Eminence S2012
  3. BogeyBass

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    probably sound just as bad or worse than the Scorpions.

    Scorpions have their place in the world but not bass, maybe pa or loud guitar with no speaker breakup. not for fullrange bass.

    Another speaker similar or slightly better than the Weber is
    Eminence Delta12A which is same deal but way cheaper.
    about 80 bucks for the eminence. 120 bucks for a thanks. that will save you 30bucks to
    find out what speaker farts sound like.
    otherwise to make speakers like that work you eally need lots of them so a 4x12 or full 8x12 works well. then its massive.
    a pair would be fart city

    otherwise in the same price range a better low cost for bass is the Beta12A2
    will work ok as a pair most likely similar or slightly better than stock.

    or double the price for the neos Basslite 2012 or Deltalite 2512

    A used 212E goes for 250/300 so you could just buy another and start over again. or plop 150 to get up a running again.
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    Start here:

    You're not considering what really matters.
    Why? They provide absolutely no information on their drivers other than pure unsubstantiated hype.
  5. My choice would be Faital 12FH500...I have 2x12 with two of these speakers and they've been work horses and sound amazing! If you're getting to much information...follow billfitzmaurice advice, he's well respected and knows his Sh**!;)
  6. I thought that all Eminence's were manufactured in China now but I guess I stand corrected. I'm now looking at the Basslite s2012's then. ;)
    The Faital's do sound awesome, but they're a little out of my price range for right now.

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