Roland DB-500 into Trace Elliot stack?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by CultParadox, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Hey everybody

    In the band room and on stage, I play through a stack consisting of a Trace Elliot AH300 SMC, going into a Trace Elliot 4x10h and a Trace Elliot 1x15. I love this stack with an obscene passion of horrific proportions.

    However, I also love my Roland DB-500, and my Roland provides me with features that I want to use in this particular rock band situation - features that the Trace Elliot lacks, such as foot-switch-able memory, digital chorus, amp-modelling, etc, etc.

    Now, I love the sound of both amps. I would be more than happy with either. The big question is this:

    Would it be a good idea to run the effects send of the Roland into the effects return of the Trace Elliot? For example, could I create the following stack:

    Trace Elliot head, sits on
    Roland DB-500, sits on
    Trace Elliot 1x15 cab?

    Or is this a terrible idea that I should abandon immediately?


    Thanks in advance! Sorry for the rambling post.
  2. if you don't mind extra weight
  3. I think the Roland is easier to carry than a 4x10 cabinet.

    But I'm more interested in how it will sound?