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    May 4, 2013
    Question for all the users of the BDDI...

    Anyone willing to share their settings they use? I am very new to the pedal, and am curious about how you guys use it

    I'm running it last on my pedalboard, and going right from its xlr out to the FOH. Currently I have all knobs at noon, and it ain't sounding so bad.

    Also, should I have the xlr switch set to "line" or "inst"? I know that's a dumb question but I'm not super technical, I just like to fiddle with gadgets til they get loud!

    Back story:
    I'm using it at my church where we run IEM's, and everyone goes direct, no amps
    I have used a bbe sonic maximizer with a J48 active DI to "amp" my tone (that was passable, but in the long run felt "meh"), I have used a little class D amp head with an xlr out in place of a DI (that was SWEET but I need me amp, can't leave it at church all the time!) and now I'm giving the BDDI a go before I plunge into the world of spending $$$ on the Tone Hammer pedal lol!

    The church bought the BDDI for me thinking it would be great, however I have ALWAYS despised the BDDI, and wondered why on earth anyone would use one. Had used it a handful of times and hated it every time. THEN I realized I'd only ever tried it with one bass, and that maybe it was ME that had the issue, not everyone else on planet earth LOL!
    Since I shelved that particular bass about a year ago and started playing a different bass almost exclusively, I figured it was time to pull out the old BDDI again and give her a go.