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Schecter Hellscat VI - best strings ?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by eateachother, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I'm Jeff, and this is my first post.

    I was trying to get in to ask some opinions on the Schecter Hellcat VI and the Gretsch Jet Baritone, both come tuned E-E one octave below a regular tuned 6 string guitar. (BTW, what would that be called techinacally, an alto guitar? - Now I must know).

    Just today I went to a local music shop, and before I left the guy had gone down to $556 total to order it for me. HE paid the tax, though I have to wait up to 3 weeks now. But hey, I can do that for 44 bucks in relatively hard times. I have to pick it up, but there's a great place to get falafel right next door, so ***.

    I mostly play bass in my band, a little guitar, and I write on both. I recently discovered what I had decided to get, a baritone guitar, with the B-B tuning(I probably wouldn't do A-A regularly) before deciding to extend my normal bass range upward instead first. A baritone will, when I do get one soon, spark some new creativity in my song writing, especially when working with the normal tuned guitar. Our guitarist has an actual 1972 Telecaster Deluxe, which tonight I searched and found is pretty valuable.

    Anyway, these fora have been indispensable in my quest to pick the right guitar(s). I don't really need the low B of the modern 6 string bass, though I looked at 7 string basses for a day or two before deciding it's just too much for my stubby nubs.

    I tend to write old sounding songs, and like the more traditional tic tac, surf, country styles a lot, but will certainly discover some of the more metal applications possible with baritone and the Bass VI type Schecter, well HEAVY Metal anyhow, as it waqs called when I was young, pre-hair metal.

    SO... What's best for the money, the Fender set of strings, with the 95 on the bottom, or will the 84 bottom of the D'Addario set they claim is for guitar OR bass VI be OK to get a thump when I need it?

    I know the 95 will be a better BASS string, but do you lose some twang with it?

    Do you lose the bass fullness with the 84 guage?

    Just wanted some opinions if you guys got any.

    I really have enjoyed having this Resource, without which I would now be waiting for a new Chinese made Gretsch which might have a loose screw or wire. It seems to have more bugs than the Schecter, and I am used to the Fender body styles of my current knockoffs ~ Ibinez P-Bass, and an Epiphone Strat w/ a Seymore Duncan Hot Rails PU at the bridge.

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