Schroeder Experience II

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Jorg finally responded to my original post

    Below is the response and my reply:

    it is of course your right to post whatever you feel like
    but you could have responded to my email if you didn't feel comfortable to keep both cabinets and I would have reimbursed you;

    we had to undergo some personnel changes since a couple of my employees started slacking off, but this is now under control; things unfortunately happen in life

    but again, you can post whatever you feel like but of course you missed to mention what you've stated in your email that people compliment you on your sound

    anyway, have a good life but you should be a little more straight forward IME; it'll suit you better



    My response:

    I just said that to keep the dialog open. I was out $650 with piece of junk speaker cabinet I would be embarrassed to take to a gig. I wanted to give you a chance to fix the situation.

    The bottom line is,

    1. You sold a factory second cabinet as first quality.

    2. You sent a second factory second as a replacement.

    3. You claim to have sent emails that were never received.

    4. You told the purchaser of the cabinet that it was a second but you failed to inform me.

    5. You have poor quality control but charge top dollar.

    How many bites from the apple do you deserve? After the second inferior cabinet, I was done with you and cut my losses.

    Good luck with GC/MF/Bain Capital.

    "You pay for this but they give you that." -- Neil Young

    Caveat Emptor -- some smart Roman guy
  2. Oh heck!

    I hope you got it all sorted.

    I nearly went for a Schroe but after the recent problems I backed out. Plus, the UK distributor ignored my emails asking about the recent problems. Not good.

    Sep 12, 2005
    Fair play to you. While this new post will undoubtably elicit a pile of positive responses from those refusing to believe you had a bad experience with their favourite cab maker ( and I'm sure their experiences were great but yours simply wasn't) I think you're right in the way you conducted business with Mr.Schroeder.

    Whilst I don't want anyone's business to suffer from negative comments that can easily be spread to many online, I support you in sharing your experiences - if for no other reason than it gives confidence to others to question the quality of their products that they've paid top dollar for. I have hesitated to confront my favourite manufacturers, out of a misplaced sense of loyalty and it only ends up with me being out money on a product that doesn't do what I expected it to do.

    To me the bottom line is - when I'm buying your product I'm the guy paying your wage and I expect to get what I paid for. I don't think you were unreasonable in any way with Mr.Schroeder. If he didn't know he was sending out a factory second the first time that's his fault on the QC side of things. Sending one out the second time is just plain stupid - in any line of work if you're given a second chance to fix your first mistake it's in your personal/professional interest to scrutinize every aspect of your second chance and make it perfect in every way.

    Expecting the OP to give Mr.Schroeder a third chance after two disappointments is unrealistic from his supporters. Ask yourself this - in your own job, whatever you do - does your boss/client give you a third chance to get the job right?

    I have no experience with Schroeder Cabinets and wish him, and the OP, nothing but the best. This is simply a cautionary tale: in these times you just can't afford to do a bad job.
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    Feb 10, 2008
    I hope that your PR attack gets Jorg to get himself back in gear. QC issues are one thing, but selling a factory 2nd as a first is inexcusable.