Show your Trace Elliot T-Basses!!

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  1. I am fairly new here and haven't posted any pictures yet, so I will give this a shot. I will post pictures of my other T-Bass Later. This one is a 1996 Special Edition.

    If you have never played these basses, you are missing out.[​IMG]
  2. Another pic of the 1996 Special Edition

    I'm not sure how to get the picture to show up in the post. I am sure it has been explained 400 times. I will look for it and try to figure it out.[​IMG]
  3. Another pic of the 1996 Special Edition.

  4. tkarter


    Jan 1, 2003
    Sure is a beauty. Thanks for showing it,

  5. [​IMG]
    right click your image address...r clk copy
    then go to this page...the reply page
    left clk click img above then r clk paste your image address into the receiving bar which opens up...
    sometimes a red cross comes up...i dont know what this means except perhaps the image you want to post is 'special'
    i saw a guy playing a T bass 5 a couple of weeks ago and the sound was wicked...there is one for sale here in somerset england for £500..around $800
    :eek: :cool:
  6. OK, I thought having a masters degree, and part of a doctorate would allow me to understand how to copy the picture in, but apparently I was sorely mistaken. I will try to read and figure it out again.

    BTW -- Buy that TBass!! I have two, and am always wanting more. Out of all of the basses I have ever had (many high end basses), I have never had people offer me money on the spot more times than with my TBass. I bet I have had someone try to buy them off of me 15 or 20 times. My blue TBass actually caused one guy to stop playing guitar and start playing bass!!! What a coup!
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    I don't have one anymore, but here's the five string I did have:

    It was a great bass, but in the end a bit too heavy for me. Real nice neck, played great.