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    Mar 19, 2013
    I've found that I like finite, single-topic podcasts, things like the first season of Serial, which covered a single murder case, or Heaven's Gate, which covered the story of that cult, or The Dropout, which covered the story of Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos. I think it's the feature of going into a deep-dive on a single topic and not having it be an open-ended series. I've got some summer driving to do, so I'd like to fill up my queue.

    Anyone else found some weird features that make you like/dislike podcasts?

    Any recommendations of similar finite, single topic podcasts?
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    Apr 5, 2007
    Here are some single topic, finite podcasts that I enjoyed quite a lot:

    The Dream. Dives into the history of MLM (multi-level marketing) companies and how they scam people. I knew very little about this topic before the podcast, but it was fascinating.

    The Last Days Of August (and its prequel, The Butterfly Effect). Explores the events leading up to the suicide of a popular adult film actress. Journalistic and thoughtful, but if you're sensitive to this sort of material, be warned.

    Dr. Death. This one is a bit graphic, but an interesting story nonetheless. It'll make you think twice before having surgery, that's for sure.

    S-Town. From the creators of Serial. Very compelling.

    I've listened to a lot of these over the past couple years, so I'm sure I'll think of more. Hope this helps!
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