Six string project Vs. lunacy

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  1. I have been considering building a 6-string for some really long time now and after watching a G3 dvd got the idea of building a triple-neck one just like Steve Vai's guitar,top neck 12-string,middle neck regular,bottom neck fretless.I know that it probably gonna weight a ton but what the hell...I have been also considering making it half fretless(no frets only on E-A-D-G strings).Sincerely do you think i should get out more often?I am also studying on an island almost 1000 miles away from the city my girlfriend studies in,my love life is depending solely on a phone when i am not with her.Am i losing it?Have i lost it? :help:
  2. yes. you have...

    anyways, i think that a triple neck bass could be interesting, it may get expensive, but you can do it!
    i remember seeing that guitar player from cheap trick have like a 5 neck guitar, so why not a 3 neck bass?

  3. rick nielson
  4. Please don't make a 3 necker.
  5. [​IMG]


    anything Squire does I approve of.
  6. Fact is i can get it build really cheap cause a friend of mine will build it and will charge only the woods,electronics,and hardware and with the stuff(woods,pickups,hardware,etc)i have in mind it will probably cost around 1grand.Do you hate me? :crying:
  7. calm down...
    the fact is, if you want a three neck bass, get one.
    and why primus?
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    Reality is you will spend alot more than you plan and it will take twice as long and you will always wish you had included something else. Save yourself some drama....Buy three basses :D
  9. Ever listened to "tommy the cat"(and the bass solo on it)?Too bad i know the song and a dozen more :cool:
  10. Well i just got off the phone with my builder/friend/cousin/bandmate/husband(?)and told me that he will build it.The body will be an alder/mahogany/alder(380$) sandwich the necks 5-piece walnut/maple(250-260$,cause we probably gonna reinforce the necks),ebony fingerboards(100$ shipped from our dear lumbers in Turkey),monorail bridges(180$),3 preamps(350),I haven't decided about the pickups yet but they are gonna be EMGs(they are gonna be sold 1/4 their retail somewhere between 400-450)so do the math(1700$max).Plus it will probably be delivered by february(no other projects on the run,already got all the stuff except the pickups and the monorails)the only thing left is to start drawing some ideas.Do you hate me now?
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    Yes, I have been listening to Primus for years. And I have done quite a few Primus covers, including Tommy the Cat. What is your point with all of this?? :rolleyes: :eyebrow:

    And I would highly suggest calming down. I have gone back and deleted a couple of your posts. One more time and the thread will be closed.
  12. Truth is that i am really calm,but it's my mediterranean temperament sets my humor kinda on different level(most of the memmbers are americans right?).We south european guys are always yelling,shouting and swearing at each other.Sorry if i got anybody offended.Hope you'll get to like "spicy" threads.Sorry for the inconvinience :meh:
  13. How about bass duels?Ever watched the movie "Crossroads"(it turned me into the blues) where starring Ralph 'karate kid' Maccio dueled with Steve Vai(guess who won)?Something like that.Really cool! :)
  14. they had one on saturday night live when jack black was was pretty funny!
    btw, as cheesy as crossroads was, they ad a pretty neat lineup, steve vai and ry cooder played the guitar parts for the main kid
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    do it!

    You know what would be really cool? A 4 neck guitar with a bass neck out the other side. Then you paint the whole thing metallic silver and call it "the fork"! Wouldn't that be awesome! GAS!

    I also think it would be cool to make a bass with a Flying Spaghetti Monster theme, but anyways....
  16. Do i sense some sarcasm here or is it just my idea? :eyebrow:
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    Your missing a considerable amount of parts that will add up. Tuners, truss rods, frets, fretboard markers, knobs... the list goes on. I'm not clear on what the setup of this bass(?) is, but from the sounds of it we're talking about 4 sets of tuners? That's going to add a couple of hundred for anything of good quality.
  18. You're right there is 220$ for hipshot tuners and 250$ on the frets and leds(a 3-neck without leds is like noodlesoup without noodles right?)So the final price is like 2300 and i finally decide to go for EMG 40-TW pickups.Delivery date:3/23/06.Hope i'll post a pic then
  19. Props to Geoff St. Germain!That's a nice band and you have a really good looking bass there!
    P.S.:Is the thing about the flying spaghetti monster for real? :eyebrow: You're a member?
  20. So, which is he/she/it- or is he/she/it all 5? :eek: