smallsound/bigsound mini vs F*ck Overdrive

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with both pedals, particularly the F*ck Overdrive. Haven’t found a ton of insight regarding that pedal beyond the pedalandeffects demo. Either pedal would live after my Rusty Box and before my TFR and b:assmaster. Thanks in advance. As always, any comments are much appreciated. Alternate options to consider are also welcome.
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    Sep 4, 2004
    I'm sort of hijacking this thread to say how much I love the Ss/Bs Mini. I hadn't used it in a while but I had a gig today and when I was putting a small board for it I tried diferent pedals for OD tones and the choice falled on the Mini (among contenders like MBD-1, YYZ, Westwood, Beta OD). And it totally crushed today.
    I loved every tones I got from it. It sounded so good and it just cutted easily through two guitars with fuzzes and distortions and delays and all sorts of noise pedals. I think I fell in love again with this pedal.
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  3. I ended up getting the mini. Phenomenal. Incredibly versatile. In fact, if my board wasn’t full, I’d consider a second one. Keep one low/medium gain and let the other rip.
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    Totally. I recently got a mini and I popped it on a board for bass and guitar and it smokes on both. I keep going to it despite having set up about a dozen dirt pedals to do some side by sides. Its got such great range and is really crisp.

    As such Ive been GASing hard for a f.overdrive and a TAFM and a buzz. I imagine they are equally tasty in their respective domains
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