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SpectraComp Bass Compressor - Need custom toneprint suggestions

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Kevin Jbass, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Kevin Jbass

    Kevin Jbass

    Dec 29, 2020
    Just got this thing and have plugged it into my computer and messed around with it, so I know the basics of how to use the standard toneprints, but haven't found the exact one i prefer yet. Butterknife might be the closest to my taste. I'd like to create a custom toneprint. I'm not technical so I don't know my attack from my whatever. Looking for any suggestions on any favorite custom toneprints you may have set up. My style: fingers, no slap; My music: mostly classic/grunge/alt rock; Jbass; Rumble 500 combo amp; no other effects pedals
    Screen shots welcome!
  2. Pulverizor


    Jun 14, 2018
    New Zealand
    I'm in the process of trying new toneprints as well. Just loaded up 'Rockateer' for Sundays gig.
    Seems like a finger player has more choice than a lowly pickplayer like myself but at least we're not hitting our instruments like a drum. :rolleyes:
    Have you looked through the TC Electronic site for a custom toneprint from another finger player? Seems like a good place to start.
  3. GH van Dijk

    GH van Dijk

    Feb 12, 2019
    ParallelBassComp and ToneBooster are nice starting points for tweaking. Both are good for fingerstyle on low settings. My favorite is Smooth and Funky.
    Kevin Jbass likes this.
  4. Kevin Jbass

    Kevin Jbass

    Dec 29, 2020
    well after a few more hours of trying, I may have settled on Smooth and Funky for now. Ideally, I'd like to make a custom toneprint where I simply use the single knob to go from 0% to Full compression as the song dictates. I know it's more complicated that that tho...thanks to you both for your advice.
    Pulverizor and GH van Dijk like this.
  5. Pulverizor


    Jun 14, 2018
    New Zealand
    And just to follow up, the 'Rockateer' toneprint is better than the default if playing plectrum.
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