Squier Deluxe Jazz Active V -- Unbelieveable Bass!

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  1. Does anyone know why the pickups are not in the standard locations on these basses? I wondered if maybe the active circuit was based on an existing Cort design and the pickups were moved to suit that circuit.

    I'm thinking that at some point I might make this a passive bass, possibly with different pickups, but with the unique pickup positioning maybe it will always be challenging to get a 'vintage' passive sound from it. I have run the standard pickups through my outboard passive circuit and it sounds OK. I don't really have anything to use as a reference to compare it to though. I think I have read amongst the 40 pages of this thread that a few people have gone the 100% passive route with these. If you are one of those people, how did that work out?
  2. The non-standard pickup position was one thing I really like on the one I used to have. The bridge pickup alone became useful, while I find most Jazz bridge pickups alone far too thin.
  3. I finally got rid of mine. I loved the tone and the look, but the neck width and the weight were the deal breaker. I never took it out to play because of the weight.

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    Jul 6, 2017

    Yes, I had installed a set of Nordstrand NJ5S pickups to replace the existing. I ordered the standard length set and they fit perfect. I mostly do recording with bass so I wanted something hum-canceling and I am very very happy with these. They are a little on the dark side so I ordered Sadowsky’s custom made 500K CTS pots as opposed to 250K to bring out a little more high-end...Being that these are basically humbuckers not single coil’s. I wired it volume, volume, tone, the fourth knob is unwired and just sits there looking pretty, and for the switch I wired two different value caps, a .047 and .022 for some options, but I usually just stay on one and don’t switch back-and-forth much. My intention was to install a Sadowsky preamp, but after going passive, I love it so much I am keeping it as is. Yet there are many preamps out there as you know that you can switch from passive to active which is always a fine option. For me I am happy with it as it is. Again, can’t say enough about the NJ5S pickups… Such great tone and for me was a great improvement.
    BTW, what you did your bass looks killer.
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    It's time to join the club on this decade-old thread. I scored mine on eBay for $150. It needs a new tuner up top, but is otherwise in excellent condition. I was somewhat nervous about the fretboard from pictures online. In reality, it looks fantastic. I love the all black look, but would like to add a pickguard in the future. I was shocked at the weight and I'm gonna have to see how my shoulder stands up after a few three hour sets. I personally have no issues with the pickups or preamp, at least none that would justify an overhaul that would likely double the purchase price. Fits in my Fender case, so that's a bonus. The neck at the nut is wide enough that I said "oh that's wide," but really after a half hour of playing I was right at home. I prefer the width, but if you're on the fence about this bass for that reason I have to strongly suggest that in my opinion you will adapt easily.

    Bottom line: I love this bass. I would have felt like I got a great deal if I had paid up to four times this price. It is unique and sharp, it's a swiss army bass, but most of all it feels like home.

    If anyone has some pickguard/tuner recommendations, send those my way. I'll be playing and gigging the crap out of this killer bass. :D

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  6. Pickguards are a bit challenging for these because the pickup locations are slightly different to a standard Jazz bass. I made a pickguard for mine from scratch. There are a couple of pictures on page 40 of this thread. Others have adapted standard J pickguards. Search for the thread "Getting a PickGuard for a Squier Deluxe active Jazz V"
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