Stagg and East Coast one and the same?

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  1. Stagg and East Coast products look the same, sound the same and are priced almost the same. Is one a subsidiary of the other? Can anybody enlighten me? example what's the difference between
    Eastcoast AAR60 acoustic amp and the Stagg 60 Watt Guitar AMP with Reverb?
    or the Stagg EDB 3/4 or the Eastcoast EDB 3/4.
  2. PMT sell both of the amps but the Eastcoast is £10 dearer.

    Could be both companies buy from the same factory and just rebadge them. It's a common enough business practise.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I should conclude then that the same products with differing badge/logos should be the same quality.
  4. Rarely the case.

    Most of these companies dictate the build price. They say to the factories build us a $10 amp that they sell for $110,whereas the next
    company may ask for a $60 amp they then sell for $110.

    To my cynical world view they could be owned by the same parent group set to compete for your cash. Ones built to a slightly lesser
    quality than the other but the actual profit remains the same along the lines of $10 build price/ £110 sale price Vs $20 build and $120
    sale price. Parent company still gets $100 from you.

    Sorry this hasn't been much help but definitely the same factory for the amps, both use 60AARUK for their MPN numbers.

    You'll be hard pressed finding other amps with those features at those prices.
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    Stagg and East Coast are not affiliated. Stagg is a house brand of EMD Music. The instruments look alike because they are rebadged.
  6. Thank you both for your thoughts. I was looking to buy a budget priced electric double bass for the convenience of personal practice and transportation. East Coast and Stagg are the ones coming up at the budget end competing for my money. I will try both out. If they are half way decent then maybe with a really good amp I could use one at gigs.
    I hope Santa brings me an AER Basscube 2 this year!
  7. I'm sure you've been a good boy this year and he'll reward you.

    I've never played an EUB but thanks to your post if I decide to try one I've now got 2 options to
    think about.

    All The Best to You and Yours for The New Year