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Stellah SRB-4 wonky bridge

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by chlorinekid, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. hey guys, hoping someone can give me a bit of advice on the below...

    only recently took up the bass after playing around on guitars for a few years. bought a cheap and nasty stellah srb4 from ebay a few weeks ago. it was listed as a b grade item because of a little knock to one of the corners (which didn't bother me as i just wanted something cheap to see if i enjoyed playing it)

    when it arrived though there where a few more issues than the little knock to one of the corners. the bridge appears to have been attached rather haphazardly as you can see from the below and this means the string spacing is completely off. so much so that when im playing the g string high up the neck, the string slips off the fretboard completely(!) the picture below is taken looking straight down and as you can see, the spacing is rather erratic :)

    obviously this is a dirt cheap bass and i only paid £90 for it but i would have hoped it was at least strung correctly.

    i'm just wondering if it's worth getting a new bridge fitted to it? or writing it off as a bad ebay purchase and spending a bit more in 12 months time on another bass when i've learned how to play it!

    also, the bridge is a bit weird being split up into 4 parts, is that a common sight?

    thanks guys

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  2. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    Looks to me like the G bridge is mounted a bit apart from the others. Might be a good idea to remove it, drill and plug the screw holes, then re-drill to re-mount the bridge. I think there is enough room to pull that string over.

    In fact, it looks like all the bridge pieces are staggered and could benefit from a re-mount after plugging the screw holes.

    OTOH, you could remove all four pieces, put a standard style bridge on it (provided the string spacing is similar) and perhaps cover the screw holes. If I could cover them, I'd be very tempted to go to an Allparts or other bridge that has a large footprint and see if I could eliminate the need to do so much messing around with individual bridge pieces.

    In fact, the classic Fender bent metal bridge with threaded saddles might allow individual string adjustment that would help with string alignment.