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Stolen Frankenbass

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by tonedeaf, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Of all the useless forays into crime, why steal something that is probaby of no value to anyone but the owner!

    Here's the long story. My first bass was a squier P-bass that a friend gave to me. It was somewhat unique, in that the P-Pickup was removed and replaced with a sort of J-style pickup, only wider (imagine a P-pickup all in one piece, instead of split.) I learned to play on this bass, used it at a ton of shows, and generally carried it around for about 7 years. About a year and a half ago, I left it with a friend who was going to do some custom pickguard work for me. We talked over and tried out a few ideas, and then last summer were visited by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, and my friend's house was severely damaged. I went up there a few weeks to help him with some reconstruction, and while I was there got the bass back, since he doesn't have time for that sort of thing these days, what with the next hurricane season being upon us and all.

    Anyway, I put the bass in the back of my Pathfinder, ran around town a little, and then discovered that my bass had disappeared!

    I guess I should have left it in my friends garage.

    Anyway, it's a black P-Bass (the headstock says "Fender" in big letters and "squier series" in smaller letters. It has a rosewood fretboard. The pickguard is covered in stickers that say "brillig". It has mismatched knobs, one black and one white, and has a fair amount of wear and tear.

    It was in a thin contoured hard case, black outside and orange inside. The case was falling apart at the seams.

    It probably has very little value to anyone but me, which is the only consolation I have. The SOB who stole it won't be able to get much if anything for it. In fact, due to the pickguard work it was in pieces, with the pickguard and electronics in the case but not attached.

    On the off chance that anyone finds it, I'd really like to have it back.

    (If anyone is wondering why I didn't have my car locked, I did, but ever since a tree fell on it during Hurricane Frances, the back window doesn't latch.)

    Here's a picture of it, but by the time it was stolen all those stickers had been removed, and replaced by about 30 "brillig" stickers covering just the pickguard. This pic might give you an iidea of the mismatched knobs and the single pickup.

    If you're at all curious what the pickup sounded like, here's a short clip. I recorded this direct into my PC about 2 years ago.

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