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  1. Cmaddox13@

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Yesterday I finally got the SVT Classic that i had been saving up for and was wondering if anyone had any really amazing settings I could borrow. My guitarist is running a mesa markIV through a traditional cab so anything that can make me shine with that would be amazing. Granted i havent played around with the eq other then using the rock preset id still like to know what you guys are getting out of yours.

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    Jun 29, 2006
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    when i had mine, i liked to run the master full up and use the preamp to control overall volume, ultra hi off, ultra low on, bass at 12-1 o'clock, middle at 3 o'clock on position 4, treble at 1 o'clock.

  3. Its always seemed to me that you can get more volume from having the ultra high/low off. I dont know what kind of tubes you have in there either, but its been my experience that SVTs are more sensetive to tubes than most amps, meaning that with a change in tubes brings a change in sound.
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    Just start flat and work from there. I've played many a Classic SVT and they all sound great no matter what you do, except sound good at ultra-low volumes. Such is the nature of tubes, though. But I've found that running most SVTs flat works best for me to get a sound that is heavy and makes its way through the band.
  5. Jazzman


    Nov 26, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    These are the settings I use (no ultra low/hi):

  6. okabass


    Mar 19, 2005

    Try first tone all flat , ultras disengaged.
    Try putting master full, and use the volume pot (or gain? don't remember) to desired volume level.

    I think too, that's important to have good tubes in your SVT. Also, let a qualified tech to check that everything is ok (for example: the input jack nut can get loose, and can cause to cut your signal totally or make loud noises).
  7. syciprider

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    May 27, 2005
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    I run mine with the gain wide open and a big boost in front. It lets me enjoy the onset of overdrive earlier.:smug:
  8. Hey Jazzman-U must play pretty loud. I dunno whether SVT2 (non pro) has diffferent vol-well it does- as it has no master/gain, Duh?!?!?!? But I only have my volume on 3/10 & it's getting VERY loud, Must be a different level to the SVT-CL!!!!!
    Others are:- Bass-5/10, Mid 6/10, freq 4/5, Treb. 6/10 all ultra's OFF I haven't even USED my Graphic EQ yet????
  9. Cmaddox13@

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Hey thanks guys. Ya I just bought it used so I dont know if the tubes are stock or otherwise.A retube will probably be coming very soon so any suggestions?
  10. syciprider

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    May 27, 2005
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    Don't retube because all the cool kids do it. Live with it a little bit first.
  11. +1. Have a look see what they are of course. But unless they're VERY old & sounding bad or cr@ppy tubes & ...sounding bad... I'd leave 'em. Output tubes can last 20 yrs-if U only use the amp at low levels or use it occasionally- 5 yrs if run HARD & used a lot.
    I used my last amp for 10 yrs -3x a week & at least one of those-pretty hard( 3/4 volume) & those tubes lasted over 13 yrs( were 3 yrs old when I got amp).
  12. Jazzman


    Nov 26, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    You've gotta play loud to get those power tubes barking. :bag:

    That master volume gets turned down if I am not going for a super-dirty sound. ;)
  13. Too right!!:p Lovely that it is. My SVT2 seems to sound sweet at 3 on the dial- & with my EB MM SR5 that's Bl00dy loud!!! Must try it this weekend to turn it up to see where she starts OD-ing!!!
  14. zoombie

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    Nov 29, 2007
    this might be slightly off topic....but I was wondering if anyone here has any experience/knowledge of the differences between the SVT 6146b poweramp and the SVT 6550a mostly looking for differences in tone as opposed to differences in circuitry....? anyone?
  15. hammer2748


    Feb 22, 2002
    Hartford, CT
    Have only had mine on stage for 3 shows and a couple rehearsals, so I'm still fiddling a little between my 3 basses (Jass, Precision, and a Lakland 55-02). For my taste, the Jazz likes a little more lows though not full-tilt as demonstrated in the user presets for "rock" in the manual. So we're talking bass at 2-3 o'clock, midrange and treble at 2o'clock. The Precision and the 55-02 really talk with bass and at 1-2 o'clock, midrange bump 2-2:30, treble 1-2 o'clock. Haven't really cranked up the gain or master to 10 yet. Still experimenting with the gain and master, though I'm running a narrow gap between the gain and volume settings and I like what I'm hearing. Everytime a show is over, I just can't wait for the next one!! I haven't enjoyed performing like this in a long time. The tone I'm getting is exactly what I've been looking for. The SVT is costly and heavy and it's worth every $/LB to me!
  16. brredstik

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    Sep 17, 2007

  17. pedro


    Apr 5, 2000
    Madison, WI.
    What cabinets are you all using w/. your Ampeg Classic?
  18. Jazzman


    Nov 26, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    That's an easy one. I am sure 80% of the people playing these heads are using the Bergantino NV610.

    :eyebrow: ...I am joking. But it is a great match to an SVT head of any flavor.
  19. pedro


    Apr 5, 2000
    Madison, WI.
    brredstik that’s a formidable looking rig. Are both cabinets 8x10?