SVT vs Traynor Grill Cloth

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  1. So i've searched everywhere for grey and silver Traynor grill cloth. I've even contacted Traynor since they have the Guitar-Mate reissue and they were very curt and unhelpful. So the closest thing I can find to the Traynor grill cloth is the Ampeg SVT "Blue and Silver" stuff. Can anyone compare the two? I'm worried that the new Ampeg stuff is too blue. My friend has an old Ampeg 2x15 (its B-25 something or other) and it looks more grey than blue to me. Any input would help me out immensely. Thanks, Dan.
  2. No help on-topic, but I was surprised at your dealings with Traynor/Yorkville: every time I've dealt with them they've been excellent.
  3. Yeah their response was literally, " It's been discontinued." Which is not entirely true since they have it for those reissues! Oh well.
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  5. Actually I was looking for the same thing and they were very helpful. They said the grille cloth is available but they can only get it in 72x72 inch segments. Unfortunately that was about 4 inches too short for by YC810. I did find this the SP-2007 looks like it could be quite similar to the vintage traynors.
  6. 72x72 would be enough to cover two of these cabs lol. How do I get a hold of your rep? lol. Also that sp-2007 looks pretty good too.
  7. sorry, i don't know why I thought it was 72x72...I meant 36x36.

    i will try and find the contact info.
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    Yeah, that looks really close, if not it, exactly.
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    At this point I'm posting for people stumbling on this from search engines like myself
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    I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some either.
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    There are a lot of people who search for this information, and this is one of the threads that comes up. The OP may have moved on, but posting the information can be helpful to countless other people. The member that bumped was new (had just joined the day before). The information he posted could be helpful for others looking for the same thing. Is there really any harm done?

    Seems to me the people who get all worked up about someone posting in an older thread are the same ones that get all worked up when someone starts a new thread, rather than using the search bar to look for older threads.

    So it goes.

    Your link leads to a page with 22 different color options, but none of them look even close, and none have the color code "P4545". Are you sure this is the correct link?

    Personally, I'm looking for Ampeg blue/silver, but at this point, it's looking like I might have to settle for Traynor (or Accoustone)... IF I can even find that!
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  16. Guys, don't trust Acoustone online product numbers... Just received P4540 and it's completely different than shown online. Like, so obviously different that i'm sort of pissed that the rep I was working with is adamant that it's correct. I'll report back once it's all figured out.
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    Good luck, and thanks for the tip-off on that one.
  18. Bad news everyone. Just received samples of "All of the black and silver grille cloth we have", (Acoustone sales rep) and none of them match the website photo of "P4540" which WAS the Traynor cloth. As I mentioned before I have a sample of the P4543 which is the black and gold version of the exact weave of the original Traynor grill cloth. I confirmed this with my original YBA-1 head. So either they are still way mixed up or it's just been discontinued, or out of stock etc... Sorry everyone. :(
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    That's a bad oscar. Thanks for the update.