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  1. This is in no way, shape or form insulting SWR. Personally, I've never even played through the cabs they make. However, being a hifi tone lover, I've always had my eye on them...that is until I notice the prices. It seems that $900 for a 410 that isn't considered a "boutique" amplifier is pretty steep. I was just curious about how SWR goes about selling there products at such high prices? Are they worth it or not? All comments appreciated.
  2. newbold


    Sep 21, 2008
    I think this has been covered in the 'mesa/boogie prices' threads.

    The gear is solid, sounds great, and is reliable.

    They advertise, endorse players, and have huge overhead.

    They also like to make money.

    I suppose they fit the bill for 'hi-fi' but not in the same way that Phil Jones or MarkBass seem to do it for me.

    I'd put them in the Eden/Mesa/Ampeg arena. Modern but still has that big fat rig mojo.
  3. JTUK


    May 25, 2009
    I've used SWr for years and I think they raised the bar when they first came on the scene.

    Generally, I think the U.S gets a good break of prices for amps musical gear anyway...you want to see what we pay for Berg in the UK.. !!!!!!!!!!

    $900 for a Goliath 4x10 is pretty good as it is storming cab and all you'll need on most gigs. I assume it is a Goliath and not the Golight or Workingmans series

    The only thing I would say..and this applies to all makers...is that I don't mind paying top dollar for a product made by a man earning a western salary..but I think it is taking the p*** if made abroad with labour costs a fraction of the price...

    The sound is good and the kit realiable and what is boutique in the States, atm?

    Markbass, Aguilar and Berg are sought after cabs over here so we generally get a price based of £1 to $1 except for Berg which are stupid expensive, IMV..

    HS410 is £1049
    AE410 is £1149

    Not many buy new at those prices and can't sell them for just over half the price 2nd hand..
  4. RexNFX79


    Jan 12, 2009
    Buy used, especially SWR. You can get great deals on used SWR gear and yes, it is great equipment and worth the money.