TH500 & Walkabout connection

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    Nov 21, 2008
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    I just picked up a Tone Hammer 500. I have two 1x15 cabinets, each 4 ohms, so I can't run the TH500 with both cabs. I have a Walkabout head, so I tried connecting the TH500 to the Walkabout's power section by running a 1/4" instrument cable from the TH's send to the Walkabout's return. I connected a 1x15 cab to each amp.

    I was able to get a signal to the Walkabout, but it was a set level, the master control on the Walkabout didn't adjust the volume on its cab. The TH's master volume functioned properly on its cab, but the Walkabout's cab wouldn't change no matter what I did.

    Am I doing something wrong? I want to be able to adjust the volume on both heads/cabs and use the TH's preamp exclusively.
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    The Master Volume of the Walkabout (and most/all Mesa SS amps) comes before the FX Loop in the amp, whereas with most amps the Volume comes after the FX loop. Unfortunately this means you will need to add a line level attenuator or something similar before the Line-in to change the output volume of the Walkabout. Another possibility is to try running the TH pre straight into the front input of the Walkabout and adjust the WA's EQ and Gain to find a clean/flat setting...
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    or, if your goal is to drive two 4ohm cabs with 2 amps, you can also just use an ABY box. There are many makers. Bass into the ABY pedal, out A to the TH500+Cab, one out B to the WA+Cab.

    Hard to predict the real results until you try it. Could have phase issues, could have some comb filtering, or it could sound great.

    give it a try, nothing to lose really other than the cost of an ABY box ($40-60ish new, much less used).

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    Jul 22, 2007
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    +1, just be sure to use a buffered AB/Y box, or a stereo fx pedal.