The 5+ Basses Owned Club

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JaySeeDoubleYou, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. If you own 5 or more basses, stand up and be counted! (Literally, I will be assigning member#s)

    Share your pics, any pertanent details about your bass, and your thoughts on it (pros/cons)

    The rules: As long as it's either a bass guitar, or an upright bass, then it can be anything.
  2. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    So far, I could fit in all of your newly-designated "clubs". Ive got:

    • 10 basses
      Stammie SC5​
      Peavey Millennium 5​
      Elrick Gold Standard 5​
      Nordstrand NJ5 (on the way)​
      1969 Fender P-Bass​
      MusicMan StingRay 5​
      Azola Original BugBass​
      Frankenbass P/J 5 w/Benavente '51P neck​
      Benavente Greg Edmondson Custom 5​
      Epiphone Jack Casady Hollowbody​
    • a P/J
      Frankenbass P/J 5 w/Benavente '51P neck​
    • Five-strings
      Stammie SC5​
      Peavey Millennium 5​
      Elrick Gold Standard 5​
      Nordstrand NJ5 (on the way)​
      MusicMan StingRay 5​
      Frankenbass P/J 5 w/Benavente '51P neck​
      Benavente Greg Edmondson Custom 5​
    • Fretless
      Azola Original BugBass​
  3. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Retired Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    13 basses.

    '94 Fender American Jazz Bass Deluxe Plus V
    '98 Lakland 55-94 Deluxe
    '00 Pedulla ThunderBolt Fretless 5
    '01 Lakland 55-94 Deluxe Fretless
    '02 Fender American Deluxe Jazz FMT V
    '03 Yamaha TRB5-PII
    '03 Fender Roscoe Beck V
    '05 Sadowsky 25th Anniversary 5-24
    '06 Sadowsky 5-24 (The Tuxedo Bass)
    '06 MTD 535-24
    '06 Roscoe LG3005
    '06 Jerzy Drozd Obsession Excellency V
    '07 Lakland Joe Osborn 5 (The Pink Cadillac)
  4. steve66


    Sep 17, 2005
    South Florida
    Here are Mine

    2006 MusicMan 4HH 4 String Bongo
    2003? Fender 4 String MIM Jazz
    2005 Schecter 4 String Custom 4
    2005 Squier P Bass 4 String
    2006? SX Stingray 4 String Copy
  5. Marcury

    Marcury High and Low

    Aug 19, 2007
    Mid Hudson Valley, NY
    "I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member"
    —Groucho Marx
  6. attachment.jpg


    2007 MIM Fender Deluxe Active Jazz V Vintage White/Tortoise Shell/Pao Ferro (modded for active/passive and spending 90% of it's time in passive)

    2001 MIM Fender Standard Fretless Midnight Wine/White Pearloid/Rosewood (bought N.O.S. in 2004, stock except for white pearloid pickguard)

    2007 Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Sunburst (nuff said)

    1983 (maybe 1984) Electra-Westone X700JB Futura Bass (Black everything, rosewood fretboard)

    2006 MIM Fender Deluxe Precision Bass Special Black/Gold/Maple (modded for active/passive...same mod as my Jazz V, spends 99% of it's time in passive P-only mode)

    Not pictured: Bogdon Box Bass (cardboard box upright bass): Still awaiting construction (I've been waiting til I could find a reasonable mod to make it a four string instead of a two string)

    To the rest of you: awesome collections! Post pics if you got 'em! :)
  7. How many club thingys you trying to start up :p

    I think im sitting at 9 right now

    1. Musicman Stingray HH4 - Fretted
    2. Musicman Stingray HH4 - Fretless
    3. Ibanez BTB406QM
    4. Ibanez EDA905
    5. Ibanez ATK400
    6. Ibanez TR-50
    7. Aria Pro - II magna series - Fretted
    8. Aria Pro - II magna series - Fretless
    9.Wesley "cougar" (its a cheapy Jag copy with two MM style pickups
  8. Until I get my OLP, I'm not starting up any more clubs. No need. I got em all out of the way today. Oh yeah, found out TB has trolls today too, unfortunately. Not surprised, just disappointed. :(

    Nice collections, all! You make me feel so much less gluttonous for having all the ones I do! :p ;)

    Member #s

    DCR #2
    Munji #3
    Steve #4
    Mohawk #5

    Welcome to the club, fellas!
  9. Supertanker

    Supertanker Watch the dog! He is trained to bite!

    Jun 23, 2005
    3 Laklands
    3 Fenders
  10. black.rose1402


    Jan 10, 2007
    Hello to every multi basses owners

    I own 5 basses:

    - fender jazz bass marcus miller mij with sadowsky onboard preamp (da bomb baby!!)
    -fender jazz bass marcus miller V mia
    -fender jazz bass reissue 75 mia
    -fender jazz bass jaco pastorius fretless mia)
    -fender precision bass classic 50 mim
  11. fullrangebass


    May 7, 2005
    Hi there. Here is a list of what I own (plus a mystery Xmas bass coming this way)

    - Dingwall Prima (Artist) 5 Walnut w/ Wenge front and back facing and pau ferro fingerboard (my "Uber Alles")
    - Dingwall Prima 5 Walnut/Alder w/ Pauduk front and back facing and pau ferro fingerboard (custom)
    - Dingwall Prima 5 Walnut/Alder Core, quilt maple top, contrasting Bubinga Accent Laminates, 24 Fret Maple Neck w/Wenge Fingerboard, Matching Headstock, D-Tuner Extender Key On Low B-String
    -Dingwall Z1 (OMT) 5 Sassafrass with dual wenge/maple facing and maple neck and fingerboard
    -Dingwall Voodoo 5 Walnut/Alder pau ferro fingerboard Bartolinis (parallel pickups!!!!)

    Another 12 Dingwalls (I know I need to provide full description but no time right now)

    -Kenneth Lawrence Brase 5 Heavy northern Ash with maple neck and fingerboard (the first very Brase that started it all) w/ SD Dual Coils
    -Kenneth Lawrence Brase 5 Swamp Ash body, Crotch Walnut Top with maple neck, and ebony fingerboard with Aero Single Coils in Wooden Maple Covers Electronics: Seymour Duncan, Vol (Push-Pull passive mode), Bal, 3 Band EQ, Slap Contour-Switch (Mid Cut and Bass Boost adjustable via mini pot in control cavity)
    -Warrior fully armed soldier 5 (w/ Villex pickups retrofitted) Mahogany/ purpleheart w/ maple facing, mahogany/ purpleheart with ebony fretboard
    -Stingray 5 ash with maple neck and fretboard
    -Hamer Chaparal 5 (US) mahogany body with rosewood fingerboard
    -G&L 2500 Ash w/ maple neck and rosewood fingerboard
    -Carvin XB75 custom Ash with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard
    -Ritter Roya 5 custom Ash w/ maple facing and maple neck w/ ebony fingerboard
    -Shuker 5 Elite Ash with 7 piece maple/wenge neck w/ wenge fingerboard
    -Status Empathy 5 w/ walnut wings Graphite through
    -Status Empathy 5 w/ maple (custom) Graphite through
    -Status Eclipse Ltd 5 ash/maple top w/ LED's(custom) Graphite through
    -Status Eclipse Ltd 5 heavy ash body(prototype) Graphite through
    -Spector NS2 4str ash-maple neck-through w/ rosewood f/b PJ EMG's
    -Yamaha Attitude custom (w/ piezo) 4str
    -Carvin custom shop 4str (all Mahogany w/ ebony f/b)
    -Conklin GT7
    -Fernades 4str (upgarded w/ PJ quarter pounders Basslines and SD active Preamp)
    -Ibanez Musician 4str (w/EMG preamp)
    -Godin A4 fretted
    -US Masters EP55 (w/ studio active electronics) Lacewood body w/ flame maple top, maple neck and purpleheart f/b
    -Matt Pulcinela Level 5, light ash body, maple neck and f/b, EMGs DC35
    -Fodera 4str custom.
    -Fodera Emperor Deluxe Macc Ebony top on Walnut body w/ebony pickup covers and KingWood finger board (35") on 3 pc flame maple neck
    -Fodera Emperor Elite ash, maple top, maple neck, Brazilian Rosewood F/b, 35" scale, Nordstrand Signature DualCoils, HazLab preamp
    -Manne Trea 5 Custom, mahogany body, ash neck, f-resin f/board w/ 3 Manne J pickups
    -May Custom Bass 5
    -Kinal SK-B 24 MM (splitable)/J Barts, Bart pre amp, active/passive, Ash/maple top, Brasilian rosewood f/b (35")
  12. ROON


    Aug 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Generally the people who create loads of clubs, just for the sake of creating clubs are the ones considered trolls.
  13. eversuns

    eversuns bass nub :p

    please stop making clubs!
  14. deanmc@optonlin

    [email protected]

    May 31, 2006
    LI, NY
    Count me in, I've got 6

    '74 Rick 4001S
    '66 Gibson EB2
    G&L ASAT
    Reverend Rumblefish PJ
    Rverend Rumblefish XL
    Emerald Acoustic

    a few guitars as well

  15. Hi everybody!
    Well, I have nothing against clubs...
    Here's my list:

    Fender Precision '63
    Fender Jazz '69
    Fender Jazz/Precision '78
    W&T Chronos Klimt Single Cut 5-string 33"
    W&T Custom Single Cut 5-string 34"
    W&T Ergon Alvistar 5-string (my signature) 34"
    Nordy vJ5 (ash, maple/maple)
    Celinder Update 5 (ash, maple/maple)
    MTD 535 (ash, maple/rosewood)
    MTD 535 (korina, wenge)
    OmCustom 4-string fretted
    Washburn AB20 Acoustic Bass Guitar
    Acoustic Fretless Bass Guitar w Flatwounds

    It was a bit longer list but I sold recently 5 basses.
  16. #6 Tanker (care to elaborate?) :D
    #7 Black Rose (nice!)
    #8 Full Range (HOLY CRAP!!!!!) :)
    #9 DeanMC (Nice Pix)
    #10 Margus (tell us more about the Nordy!)
  17. Well, this Nordy is the most comfortable bass in my collection. The playability is unbelievable. It's 34,5", very light Ash body and Maple/Maple neck with white binding and pearloid blocks. The pickups are Big Singles and the pre is 3-band Audere. I changed the strings to DR Marcus Miller set and this bass is truely amazing.
    Usually it's a bit uncomfortable to slap on 5-string but this one feels like it was 4-string.
    I strongly suggest everybody to try out the Nordy! Great experience. :hyper:
  18. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    I'll Play:

    '70 Hohner XK250 Fretless
    '70 Ovation Typhoon IV
    '78 Fender Musicmaster
    '96 Fender P-Bass
    '00 Danelectro Longhorn
    '00 Epiphone Jack Casady
    '06 Fender Jaguar
    '06 Fender '51 RI P-Bass
    '05 Shen SB-100 Upright
    'XX Palatino EUB

  19. #11 Robert. Nice Collection!

    Margus: yeah, I've heard really good stuff about Nordy, and Audere. It sounds like a bass to really be proud of.
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