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Thumb rest for warwick

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by HotTubesGrooves, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Has anyone here fitted a thumb rest to their warwick? If so, pics please! Considering fitting one to my Streamer, but if I do I think I will make one out of maple to match the top.

    Sound like a good idea?
  2. Tom Crofts

    Tom Crofts

    Mar 15, 2001
    Don't do it! Just rest on the pickup or the string. That would be a terrible sin to put a rest on it...
  3. I dont think I'll bother, as there is no going back if I drill holes in it. If it wasnt a jazzman it would be less of an issue, but because the neck pup slants its not very comfortable to rest on. I'm re-learning floating thumb technique as we speak (its been a few years since I've played a P bass and needed it though).
  4. seanlava


    Apr 14, 2005
    my bass is not a Warwick, but it does have the natural wood/oil finish going on. I made a thumbrest from one of those self adhesive rubber bumpers that you put under a piece of furniture to avoid scratching the floor. I cut away some of the material to make a shelf for my thumb, then stuck in in position. (sorry for the ATROCIOUS quality of the photo) It stays in position quite well, and when I want to, it's easy to remove, with no damage to my instrument.

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