Traben Four-String Fretless

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  1. I have a Traben "Tribal Sun" four-string fretless that I'd like to sell. It's virtually brand-new (I've had it two weeks or so...). I've been completely knocked out by the woods, workmanship, and playability of the bass, all of which are totally pro--comparable to some of the best basses I've owned. I'm selling it because I don't like the electronics, which I find pretty raw for the kind of music I play--a little noisy and very hot (but not moreso than you'd expect on a $650 production bass). Anyway, I'll sell it for $300 plus shipping (as compared to $450 on ebay). That's the best deal you'll find on one of these. You've probably read all the debate about these instruments right here on TB; now see for yourself.

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