Traynor 500 Watt - 4 ohm Micro Head - Which Cab?

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  1. Hello everyone-

    I am seriously considering downsizing. I have a 410 HLF and a 4-Pro head inside a road case- just too heavy. I am looking at this Traynor head. It gets pretty good reviews.

    My question is- If I were to use only ONE cab (lightweight), what you recommend? I like the idea of having a single 15 and calling it day.... I play medium sized venues....


    Traynor - 500 Watt - 4 ohm Micro Head
  2. I have never gigged with one of these but I have tried them out at Long and Mcquade', they sound good, nice and thick. As far as for a one cab solution that would depend on your budget. I use 2 x GK NEO 112ii's, they are hard to beat for their price. They are light, sound great and put out a bunch of SPL - enough for all but the loudest gigs. I think Traynor makes a NEO 12 that is similar in spec to the GK cab. The good thing is you can use one for band practice and add the second cab for good measure on the gig.
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  3. Strictly Dave,
    Based on your avatar, we're not sure where you live (Traynor is Cdn company). If I were in the U.S. and in your shoes, I'd consider RevSound which may not have a 15" speaker but his gear seems reasonably priced and may get you the tone you are looking for in a nice box. With a lot more money, you can look into Bergantino, Barefaced, a fEARful or fEARless cabinet made by an authorized builder.
    If you are in Canada, Traynor makes good gear but won't be as high-end as the names I mentioned earlier.
    Best of luck!
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  4. MrLenny1


    Jan 17, 2009
    New England
    GK 2x12 neo, best bang for the buck
    for a single cab solution.
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  5. Stu_Bass


    Nov 24, 2006
    +Audio Kinesis
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  6. 4-fingers


    Nov 22, 2015
    Ontario Canada
    That is the amp I use as a back up and for rehearsals. It's paired with an Ampeg PF115 and sounds really good. Plenty loud for most gigs too. I didn't buy that cab to match with it on purpose but was happy with the results. It's light enough and inexpensive used.
  7. Signalsdrone


    Feb 6, 2017
    SW Ontario
    I have that amp and I've played it through 2 115's, a 210 and 115 set up and a 410 4ohm cab.

    Everything has sounded good though the 410 sounded best. It was a GK 410 Neo cab, real loud and punchy!
  8. I like this idea. Because this is an 8 ohm cab, how will it be affected by the 4 ohm head?
  9. Strictly Dave,
    I love your hometown! You can check the specs on the Traynor for 8 ohms but it will likely push 300-350 watts into the 2x12. Should be good even with a reasonably loud drummer. If you are having problems hearing yourself, place something under the cab to get it closer to your ears as a first step. Another idea as suggested by BeardedClam is to get 2 x 112 Neo's, stand them on their side and the speakers will be closer to your ears and very portable if you only need one cab and you can use all 500 watts of your amp with 2 x 112. You can check the Long & McQuade website, I believe the Neo 212 can also be purchased at 4 ohms.

    Edit: I just checked L&M and GKs website - no Neo 212 at 4 ohms.
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  10. T
    Thanks bro- checking that now.

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  12. I used that head with two Traynor TC112 cabs for a few years until recently - stacked them vertically on their sides and it was a killer lightweight rig that pulled full power from the head (each cab is 8 ohms). Each cab was 25lb so I could carry one in each hand easily, and the gig bag and amp on my back - one trip!

    Too bad you aren't closer - currently looking to sell my TC112 cabs as I've moved on to a Mesa setup.... if you can find these now discontinued cabs locally they are worth checking out...

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  13. Bummer- sounds like that would work though.
  14. Looks like the GK is the only 4 ohm NEO cab around (at my store anyway) other than a 115 Traynor. I like that setup- plus the the GK is still 17 Lbs lighter than the 410 HLF.
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  15. Strictly Dave,
    Amazingly, Traynor does not advertise the watts the SB500H will pump out at 8 ohms. If you want to know, I'd write to them directly.
    From my readings on this site, the GK Neo 410 is a low-end beast which will likely get you most of the way to the Ampeg 410HLF and you lose the extra weight. Good call!
    Best of luck on your choices.
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  16. murphy

    murphy Supporting Member

    May 5, 2004
    long and Mcquade is a Bergantino you could get your pick of a 212 . 310 or 410 lightweight 4ohm cab

    Moog Audio was a dealer as well

    for a 15 , I would look at the Mesa Subway series

    Did you try the Traynor neo 15?
  17. Thanks! food for thought.
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