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Upton UB Revolution Pickup System

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Jacob Bartfield, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. I recently had the Upton Revolution pickup system put into my bass. It's pretty easy to find it through the Upton Bass homepage.


    Before I give my impressions, I just have to say that unlike some other people here, I haven't been searching for the perfect sound for years. This is the first pickup I've ever owned, so I'm not speaking from someone who has experienced many different pickups.

    That being said, I did a lot of research, I've played on other basses with different pickups, and I pay close attention to the pickup sound whenever I see a bass player perform. One thing I noticed from watching people play is that in general, Realist pickups do tend to sound muddy, especially at high volumes, while Underwood style pickups tend to be way to bright, and have too much string noise. As for microphones, usually when I see someone performing with one, the bass isn't loud enough.

    Anyway, as you can read from the website, this is pickup system is two pickups: An under the foot element, and a wing pickup. There is a single knob that is used to blend the two.

    The sound is extremely impressive. Both pickups sound great. I was expecting to not like the wing pickup that much, because I wasn't too crazy about the K&K Bass Max, which is what a friend of mine has on his bass. The Upton wing pickup is seems much warmer and more natural. As for the under the foot pickup, at low volumes at least, it sounds even better. As cliche' as this sounds, I really was decieved at first when I turned the amp on. It didn't even sound like it was working until I turned the amp back off and realized how much louder I had been before. I haven't yet used it on any gigs, or even at any jam sessions, but my guess is that at higher volumes, the most natural sound will be achieved by blending the two pickups. It just makes so much sense to me to have two different pickups. They both take care of different aspects of the instruments sound.

    Unfortunately, Gary can't make the under the foot style pickup anymore due to a legal dispute with another company, but he told me about a new version that blends the wing pickup with an in between pickup sort of like the Fishman Full Circle. I'll post more when I get to try it out with a band.

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  2. uptonbass

    uptonbass Proprietor, Upton Bass String Instrument Co.

    Oct 8, 2002
    Mystic CT
    Founder UptonBass.com
  3. uptonbass

    uptonbass Proprietor, Upton Bass String Instrument Co.

    Oct 8, 2002
    Mystic CT
    Founder UptonBass.com
    The sound files are now posted on the site for the Revolution Pickup and also the Fishman Full Circle. I must stress that both are direct, with flat EQ, into ProTools and have no alterations made. The bass for the recording was the UB Hybrid with the Obligato strings.

    With the Revolution into the AI Contra I have found an amazing tone with everything flat and the bass at about 2 o’clock. This is a sound I can really use with the big band and the trio.

    Anyone interested in taking a system on demo, contact me directly via my email below, my only stipulation is that you must post your thoughts….good or bad! I think we can swing 5 pickups…probably about a month turn around.

    When installed correctly, which takes less than an half an hour, this pickup system is amazing.

    Here is the link to the Revolution Pickup:


    Here is the link to the Fishman Full Circle:


    Thank You
    Gary Upton
    Double Bassist, Luthier, & President of Upton Bass