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    I just received this pedal and I really, really wanted to like it. The form factor was soooo attractive and its gotten some great reviews. It is less that 1/2 the price of the Tech 21 bass fly rig and in the YouTube videos, at least some of it sounds better to my ears. I wanted a good chorus, tuner, compressor, fuzz, and octaver in a small form factor. Adding a decent envelope follower and overdrive/preamp possibilities was icing on the cake.
    I’m pretty sure that I’m sending it back.
    The form factor is still really attractive and it has some strong points but…
    The compressor sounds pretty good but as you turn the compression down, the volume goes up. Unless you have the compression really high, it is not possible to get unity gain. And then it sounds too squishy for me.
    The tuner has gotten bad reviews but it worked fine for me.
    The envelope follower in the dirty Q section is not bad but it is a bit extreme to use very often. The fuzz is impossible to separate from the envelope, rendering it a lot, lot less useful to me.
    The preamp section sounds pretty good. The issue here, is that is not a function I really need. I can use it for a decent overdrive but that was a secondary function for me.
    The octaver is bad. It doesn’t track well at all and the octave 2 - 2 octaves below your pitch - is unuseable. I know octave pedals are tricky but this is one of the worst I’ve ever played.
    The chorus sounds good.
    I haven’t tried the DI and have little use for it either.
    All in all, it adds up to eh.
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    it went back. I was really hopeful about it. So, instead, I'll put a very small pedalboard together with the effects I need in versions that actually work. Unfortunately, it will still be much bigger, heavier, and obviously more expensive. Most of all, it won't fit in my gig bag. Trade offs...

    If only someone would build a fly rig that actually worked in each area.
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