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    Oct 24, 2012
    After playing a Warwick for years and recently getting a Frankenbass Hot Rod Precision body w/Hot Rod Jazz neck, I realized I really don't like having 2 volume knobs. So naturally, I come to talkbass and spend way too much time reading about VBT configs while at work :) If someone can point me to a definitive scheme and ensure me that I won't be losing anything tonally, I may be willing to have my bass modded in to that configuration. It seems like someone really needs to know what kind of blend knob, impedance, etc, to use, or it might not work as well - people on here have said you lose a little bit of control tonally, is that the general consensus or is that up for debate?

    What I am more inclined to do, is to just bring out my old Morley volume pedal, and use that to give me a little boost as the band gets louder, so I don't have to mess with my carefully dialed tone. Is there some reason more people don't just use a volume pedal that I am missing? Thanks in advance.
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    You could go with a series/parallel configuration using a push-pull switch for one of the volume knobs. Going into series gives quite a "presence" boost. Depending on how it's wired, it will defeat that knob and you're back to a V/T configuration. In this case, it's technically V/null/T.


    I have a P/J with this kind of configuration. There's also someone here on TB who prefers to be in series 99% of the time, so he wired his to only be in parallel when the pot is in the 'UP' position.

    Just some food for thought. ;)
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