Weird question. But I gotta know...

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    Oct 7, 2000
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    Do any of you have any thoughts or idea for strengthening your skin :) ? Allow me to explain.

    I play lots and have been doing so for decades. Saying that because this isn't a lack of callous or experience issue. Its a skin issue.

    A few years back, due to the cold winter weather (or heat inside), my skin began to crack. When it happened on my right pointer, my most used finger, it became a very bad situation. I taped it, crazy glued it, bandaided it, vitamin E'ed it, liquid bandaged it... and it didn't heal until the winter ended.

    Well... its happening again. It split open 2 weeks ago. I got through a gig with a bandage, but it sucks doing that. My band fortunately has a few weeks off, and I really want to heal this thing up. I'm currently dousing it with Vaseline and wrapping it up, but the skin is still dry once I clean it up - and I know will crack right open within 15 minutes of solid playing.

    My best solution thus far is practicing to play with my ring and middle finger, but wow! Try running through a few songs like that :) .

    Any and all thoughts welcome. Thanks.
  2. Michedelic

    Michedelic MId-Century Modern

    Not so much strengthening, but conditioning…Gardeners Hand Repair
    Gardener's Hand Repair

    For healing situations, there’s also A&D ointment, then I use that stretchy, clingy gauze bandage stuff to contain it.
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  3. I noticed this also the other day, an un-explained cut on my finger from playing. I was thinking it might be due to age related skin thinning?
    I always had tough man working hands from my job and bass playing(callouses). I will very soon be 67.
  4. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    That's precisely what this is made for
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  5. el murdoque

    el murdoque

    Mar 10, 2013
    Weird questions lead to weird suggestions.
    Find someone well versed in traditional Chinese medicine.
    There might be issues with your diet or other habits that lead to skin weaker and dryer than necessary.
    There might be herbal remedies.
  6. Wood and Wire

    Wood and Wire

    Jul 15, 2017
    The thing that wrecks my hands in the winter is big temperature swings, and washing them too frequently.

    I have to make a conscious effort to not wash my hands in cold water (hot is less bad than cold, but warm is safest), and to shake them dry, rather than constant towel drying.

    The other important thing is to get into the habit of always wearing gloves outdoors, even if it doesn't seem like a particularly cold winter's day.

    If I notice the skin between my fingers is starting to dry out, or my knuckles starting to show signs of cracking, I'll work in some Norwegian hand moisturizing cream, which works miracles.
  7. Bassinthemudd

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    Jan 3, 2020
    Humidification in your home can really help. Also, try aloe vera gel first then a bit of Vaseline to hold the moisture in. Vaseline doesn't have any moisture so it doesn't help much on it's own.
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  8. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    Also, if you're washing your hands and using hand sanitizer waaaay too much, it strips all your natural oils and just piles on to dealing with the dry air in the house in winter.
  9. I got some of that. Not impressed.
    Vasoline works pretty good for me.
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  10. ColoradoZoso


    Feb 9, 2020
    Exact thing started happening to me in the winter about 10 years ago. Nothing worked until I started using this stuff:
  11. That works ok…for me.
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  12. ColoradoZoso


    Feb 9, 2020
    I should add, slathering this stuff on just before going to bed seems to help a lot.
  13. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    For the record, this isn't a weird question.
    You have dry skin. If it gets dry enough, it shrinks and cracks.
    Just moisturize.

    I use the working hands cream at the end of the day, after I've gotten cleaned up, before bed. I only use a tiny bit. I don't have dry skin, but my hands get pretty beat up and it helps keep from being excessively peely and flakey.
    For cuts and scrapes I use the cream version of Neosporin. Just because I hate greasy stuff and don't want it all over everything I touch. Not sure how you folks are using Vaseline. It doesn't moisturize or soak in. It's just grease.
    Although, it works well as protection from wind burn on your cheeks.
  14. micguy


    May 17, 2011
    As an Engineer, I'm always trying to go to the actual source of the problem - that's where the real "fix" exists. You are living in a place with not enough humidity in the air. Fix that, your problem will go away. Everything else is a "bandaid" - figuratively and/or literally in this case.
  15. WRM

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    Aug 2, 2015
    Once they split/crack, I use Neosporin several times a day until it heals. Not sure if it's a "preventative", though, it's more of a "treatment".
    Feed store recommended DuraCream for dry, chapped hands, and it works for me. Basically, it's an Udder Balm (read the instructions).
    Good luck, I know exactly what you're going through!...
  16. gustobassman

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Sandy Eggo
    The key I've found with the o'keeffe's... in winter, use it daily regardless of whether there are cracks or not. Preventative care.. I used to work in a wet/dry environment and my hands suffered. Once i started hitting the mitts with it everyday beginning around late November, the cracks and dryness minimized a ton. Dab a day does the trick.
  17. Corn huskers lotion..
    Works like a champ.
    A couple million Midwest farmers can't be wrong.:thumbsup:
  18. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    Yes. I meant to mention this.
    I've used that eucerin stuff in the past and it's also a good product.
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  19. TomB

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    Aug 24, 2007
    Shikai Borage Therapy hand cream. I tried them all, and this is the one. 735D345B-F4B4-4FD6-BB6A-D7E954A8AD32.jpeg
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  20. john_g

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    Sep 14, 2007
    I have the same thing. I try to use a humidifier in the winter and lotion when i can. I have even went to the dermatologist for rx strength moisturizer which helps. Part of MY problem was that I also have a nickel allergy and back before i switched to only ss roundwounds, it was a contributing factor too. Kind of like a double whammy.
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