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  1. Hey, at least my fingers aren't all numb. 5 minutes from my house coming back from college, the front of my car gets totalled by a deer (now very much dead). As soon as I get in the door, I get a rejection letter from Cornell. Man, talk about :spit: :spit: :bawl: days.
  2. Wow, and I thought it was bad that I had ACT's tomorrow at 8am, that sucks man.
  3. My jaw was for about 6 hours. Dentist filled 5 cavities. It required 7 shots of anesthetic to numb my manly jaw. :bag: I got another appointment in 2 weeks. More fun awaits!
  4. Wow, and I thought that Spanish vocab quiz was rough...
  5. Eh, it's not as bad as it was a couple of hours ago. At least the damage is only like 3000 bucks worth. The insurance will cover most of it.