what is a unit rack size?

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  1. Ok....so im not too up on the 'units' as a form of measurement. I want to upgrade my current flight case as its too small. I have a gallien krueger 700rb....does any one know how many units that takes up? I checke the website but it doesnt say. My eventual goal is to have 2x gallien krueger 700rb heads, 1x dbx 160a compressor and 1x avalon u5 D.I. box.....any idea how many units that will be?

    Thanks people
  2. 1 ru is 1.75 inches.

    The compressor is 1 ru, adn the avalon is 1 ru too I think. The 700 is probably 2 or 3 ru.

    Whatever you get I'd leave a free space or two for future expansion, air or a shiny light show.
  3. didier


    Aug 4, 2005
    those gk heads are 2 ru each, the dbx is 1 ru. I don't know for sure about the avalon but I think it will take 2 spaces (ru). So that's a 7 space rack

    You should also consider the ventilation of the amps, they will appreciate a little air space above them, since the fan vents to the top. Most rack rails are drilled in such away that you could use less than 1 full space above the head, if you really want to keep it compact. And 7 and 9 space racks are not too common, so I'd say 8 or 10 will be what you want.

    Thats a pretty big rack. Just curious, why 2 700rb heads?
  4. thanks for your help guys....an 8 unit rack it will be. I need two heads in case one goes down live....then all the guitar tech needs to do is swap heads......i love the 700 rb soooo much lol....but i am considering the 800rb as an extra to give the live back up situation....but also tonal variation in the studio....hmmm decisions.....anyway probably a little way off this set up yet.

    Thanks again for your help.

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