What's our Holy Grail?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Low8, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Low8

    Low8 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
  2. stigbeve


    Sep 24, 2014
    The Funk Machine?
  3. Killed_by_Death

    Killed_by_Death Snaggletooth Inactive

    Lester Polsfuss guitars were never a holy grail for me.
    Not a fan of Gibson at all, and I'm sure many Fender fans would claim a good vintage Stratocaster is their holy grail, or maybe even a Telecaster.

    In the same manner, there's no holy grail for bass, because people's tastes are just too diverse.
    Cue the Fender fans to say Precision is the grail, because it was the first.

    G&L L-2000 is it to me, but I can't stand the weight of them, and I couldn't stand the neck dive if I got a light one made of Empress wood.
  4. I hate violin basses, but if we are defining Holy Grail as a relic hopelessly lost but eternally sought, I’d guess the McCartney’s original Hofner might suit the claim.
  5. Musicfreak1988


    Feb 2, 2005
    As a lefty: a lightweight Stingray with 2-band eq... Other than that I think I already have my grails with my Sadowsky and Kallas basses, although a vintage J wouldn’t hurt.
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  6. Bass V

    Bass V

    Dec 11, 2008
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    ...a Shell Pink Jazz Bass with a contentious history?
    I know I want one now!
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  7. Low8

    Low8 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    While we all have our personal faves, but that's not what I'm asking.

    I'm also not asking about a specific bass that was played by a star (ex. Jaco's Bass of Doom, Jamerson's Funk Machine, McCartney's Hofner "Beatle Bass", etc.)

    Similar to how the '59 sunburst Les Paul is seen by most guitarists, I'm wondering what mass-produced electric bass is collectively deemed by most bassists as a sweet-sounding bass and a fantastic player while continuing to fetch huge amounts of money, more than any other bass, whenever they're sold.
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  8. Gaolee

    Gaolee Official leathers tester and crash dummy

    I can't speak for anybody else, but mine would be a '63 Thunderbird II with an unbroken neck and headstock, in some unusual factory color that wasn't sunburst. With its original case, ashtrays, mute, etc. I would probably play it until I broke it, which is why I will never have one.
  9. Kmrumedy


    May 12, 2004
    Montreal, Canada
    In relation to a 59 burst for collectibility and value - I guess 1961 Fender Jazz Stack Knob.
  10. Bass V

    Bass V

    Dec 11, 2008
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    there simply ain't no all-encompassing vintage bass holy grail on the '59 LP insanity level.
    the best you'll find is the P vs J debate (everyone knows it's a P...) and those sounds are easily replicated.
  11. GIBrat51

    GIBrat51 Innocent as the day is long Supporting Member

    White Falcon Bass.jpg I don't know what "ours" would be; I'm a lefty, and my perspectives are a little different, probably. But, My Holy Grail; White Whale; whatever? since I only need a 34" scale, true Hollow body bass to finish my herd - and my looking for/buying basses - that would be a lefty version of this one. I have a lefty Broadkaster, so I know Gretsch did make leftys; I'm hoping there's one of these things out there, too...:whistle:
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  12. LadyLoveStingRay5


    Jul 17, 2004
    I wouldn’t mind Louis Johnson’s Stingray and Sabre.
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  13. MobileHolmes

    MobileHolmes I used to be BassoP

    Nov 4, 2006
    Yeah, setting aside celebrity owned instruments, most of the important basses were pretty standard mass produced things, and made in pretty decent numbers. Part of the deal with those burst LPs is that they were intially sort of a flop, and there just aren't that many of them. I consistently see around 1500 as the count. Pre CBS jazz is probably closest to the burst LP in terms of desirability and such, but even the matching headstock custom color ones aren't anywhere near 6 figures. No idea how many were made, but apart from the stack knobs, there seem to be plenty
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  14. Picton


    Aug 16, 2017
    Reading, MA
    Who owns the original P-bass prototype? Does anybody know?

    Because I’d say that guy’s found the Holy Grail.
  15. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2016
    Albany NY
    For me, it's a pair of pants that'll stay up!.....
  16. skwee


    Apr 2, 2010
    I don't think I have a personal holy grail bass. I got a real treat playing a couple of 6os-70s-era basses (a 4003 and a P-bass) for some projects.

    I'm still looking to add a Spirit 4-string for the wife, and I would consider a Wal if one ever came my way.
  17. You mean what's the oldest, most overpriced bass out there?

    I'd have to guess an extremely old, case queen Fender P-bass.
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  18. mikeswals

    mikeswals Supporting Member

    Nov 18, 2002
    Seattle / Tacoma
    It would be a Stack Knob Jazz Bass, especially if custom color. They fetch the most $ of any Fender bass.
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  19. Original fender P bass (the telecaster style) or a pre CBS fender jazz bass. When I was teenager my friends dad had a 64 jazz bass that was amazing and luckily he’d let me play it. He really didn’t play bass or guitar well but he was into vintage instruments and amps as a novice musician and rock n roll lover. He even let me do a couple gigs when I was in high school with it as his son was the guitar player and he’d be there to watch his prize bass.

    Thing is I’m just as happy with my EBMM Stingray HH that’s a couple years old. Also I love the older pre Ernie Ball stingrays but they aren’t really rare enough to fit a “Holy Grail” standard. The old fenders do sound and feel amazing and more rare than other basses I love.
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  20. twinjet

    twinjet Powered by GE90s; fueled with coffee. Staff Member Supporting Member

    Sep 23, 2008
    My case for the Fender P and J basses:
    1) Widely known, sold and owned.
    2) Well-received.
    3) Expensive as @#$%.
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