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Which amp Mesa Boogie or Eden?

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by bassplayer#7, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. bassplayer#7


    Jun 10, 2004
    I'm looking to buy a amp that will work well with my 5-string G&L 2500 and my Dble Bass. I'm thinking either the Eden CXC110 combo or the Mesa Boogie Walkabout scout w/ext. cab. Does anyone have a suggestion? I need something light weight as I'm still in H.S. and Carry it around alot. :bassist:
  2. anonymous0726

    anonymous0726 Guest

    Nov 4, 2001
    What kind of stuff are you playing mostly? Rock'n Funk, jazz? It'll be hard to get something that covers both and doesn't cost a mint. It's that 5th string on the slab that'll be the real challenge. As far as a four string shoulder-weapon and bass you have a number of choices...
  3. bassplayer#7


    Jun 10, 2004
    I mostly play Jazz. What does on the slab mean?
  4. Slab=electric bass, bass guitar, Fender bass, etc.
  5. anonymous0726

    anonymous0726 Guest

    Nov 4, 2001
    In that case, there is quite a bit of information in the 'newbies' links, above.
  6. Humblerumble


    Feb 22, 2004
    If you can swing the cash being in school and all the scout combo with extension sounds great. You are looking at about $1600 for that setup though.
  7. Wyzird05


    Dec 1, 2003
    South Bend, IN
    I would have to go with the Mesa. A friend of mine just purchased and amp and was thinking about the mesa b/c of the portablity but after playing the B15R reissue by Ampeg he was sold on that amp because of the amazing warmth it had. However, the B15R is HEAVY and not easy to transport.
  8. bassplayer#7


    Jun 10, 2004
    Hey Everyone, Just want to say thanks for the info you provided. I got my new amp last night, I bought the Mesa Boogie Walkabout w/ext. cab. It is sweet. I still need to mess around with it to get the right setting for my dble bass. So again thanks for your help. :bassist:
  9. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    Fremont, Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    I may be a bit late for this, but I find that the Walkabout with an EA Wizzy extension cab is a fantastic little setup. I have not tried the Scout, though.