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Which would you upgrade first? An amp or a bass?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by StrudelBass, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. Amp

    1,034 vote(s)
  2. Bass

    857 vote(s)
  3. Carrots

    268 vote(s)
  1. Depends on what you currently own. If you have a $69 bass, I would say bass. If you have a 20 watt first act amp, I would say amp.
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  2. GilbouFR


    Dec 1, 2017
    Voted for bass but Amp is also a good idea. By buying a good amp you set you free and then can improve over time the instrument. But.. the difference in sound by going from my Chinese Squier to my Mexican JB was kinda huge (mostly the pickups I think because my Squier quality was amazing). I started with a 200 euro Squier JB. Wanted to buy a 60's JB and went to the store with my bass teacher and I came home not with the 60's model but the 70's model. So much punch and ability to move to front. I don't know. I like to play old Motown stuff but that 70's bass felt like "at home". The neck. The feeling I got from her. It's not even the sound. As the bass body warmed against my skin.. I felt at home with that bass. She has some kind of a soul, it's not just a piece of wood. Brought her to the luthier and.. well. For the first time in my life after buying an instrument he told me "seriously, besides putting brand new strings I really didn't do anything at all. Nothing. Everything is perfect". And buying this bass instead of replacing my Fender Rumble 15W made me much happier than improving the amp before the bass. I'm now looking into finding a bass head :D
  3. White Funk

    White Funk

    Nov 25, 2018
    I'll tell you something guys, and you probably already know this - we are living "the good old days" of music gear. No longer does one have to spend a lot of $$ on a guitar or amp to get great tone, playability and quality. I have a Classic Vibe Strat that my kids gave me two Christmas's ago, I just got a Squeir Vintage Modified Jazz five string and a Rumble 500 combo. All were very reasonably priced and they all play and sound as good or BETTER than any gear I've ever owned in the past regardless of price and I owned a lot of gear! Not to mention the recent trend in lightweight amps too. Enjoy!!
  4. GilbouFR


    Dec 1, 2017
    The hardware we get today for the price is very good. My first bass was a Squier, one made in China. She sounded amazing. From the people I played with to the luthier that checked her, she had an amazing natural growl to the sound which I have.. lost in my MIM Jazz Bass. I offered that Squier to someone learning bass and I have to admit.. I regret it.
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  5. Always upgrade your instrument first.
  6. Flat out, never buy a bass that doesn't sound good without an amp at all.
    If it can't sing without an amp...it ain't gonna sing much better with one.
    Start with the basics. Good tune, proper intonation, setup properly.

    Picked up an $80 bass because it sounded better than anything else in the pawn shop
    Unplugged...it sounded like a drop of heaven had been put into it! Intonation Dead On!
    So...get it home, plug it in, test everything out...electronics sucked...
    and we knew it was the electronics why? Because it sounded good un-plugged!!
    change out the pots & wiring, shield the pickups, new jack, NOW it sounds RIGHTEOUS!!
    Altho...still thinking about getting different pickups...but they'll do for now.
    The beautiful sound the bass makes is then routed through a darn good amp...

    Amps...get the most bang for your buck. I'm on a Fender Rumble kick lately,
    but have no problem with Orange, Hartke, Peavey, or any other quality maker.
    For amps, always get the best you can afford...it'll pay you back in rich sound!
    DO know what you are getting in a pawn shop/Craigslist amp!
    Test it first, preferably with your own Known bass...so you know what sounds to expect out of the amp.
    Sounds good, looks good, party on!

    Realize you ain't ever gonna have just ONE of anything for long...
    bass & amps are like kids...if ya keep playing with 'em, more show up ;)
    Magically multiply...like rabbits..."No, Honey, I have no idea how suddenly
    there are 5 Coffin Cases in the music room when last year there were only two...
  7. well my first bass was a 'Karina' - Fender P copy, black with white pick guard made in Korea... I looked at buying a new bass (this was 1991?) and saw these flash new quite cheap bass guitars in a music shop and the guy in the music shop said my Karina was better made and urged me to keep it..... I did for a while, then I saw a Westone Headless bass in another music shop and thought it 'looked really cool' - so traded the Karina in on it....

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