White/light spot / sanding?

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  1. Hey LC -

    I finally got motivated to finish sanding so I can slap this Tru Oil on and get this baby done.

    Finished everything to 320, wiped it down with mineral spirits, went back to examine, and I found this weird light spot in the horn area.

    Is this a natural figure of the wood? Continuing to sand this area seems to have no effect. This is an unsealed ash body.

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    I think it's just a natural feature. Never mind no one is going to notice when the finish is applied (it's minor, and an area no one will see, unless they are VERY close and looking from that exact angle).
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    Can you say more about the origins of the body? It appears to have a sealcoat on it, and the white spot looks like where you sanded through the sealcoat to the wood.
  4. Sure. Here is the original listing.

    The full description doesn't make any mention of sealcoat. I assumed it was not sealed. I have spent very little time sanding the horns, so I would be pretty surprised if I had sanded through here and nowhere else.

    I sent the seller a message anyway.
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  5. Update: after the first coat of TO, it's even harder to find.
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