Who’s Got Twins?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Riff Ranger, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Riff Ranger

    Riff Ranger Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2018
    Bigfoot Country
    Well … what did you think I was talking about?

    A primary and a backup, a fretted and a fretless, a four and a five, one with flats and one with rounds, or two just about the same just because you feel like it: if you’ve got twin basses, I want to see them and I doubt I’m the only one.

    (If you can’t imagine why someone would want two of the same thing, you may have more fun in the “get off my lawn” thread; please say hello for the rest of us.)

    (If you have the same bass in different colors, or different models in the same color, awesome! … but that’s something else. You should join or start that thread!)

    If you have twins (as defined below), photographs, and a story, please share yours below.

    I’m not going to hand out club numbers or police the thread, but I will suggest some parameters to differentiate this from existing twin-ish threads:

    •twins here should look as much alike as possible—this is the point
    •at a minimum, same finish, fingerboard material, hardware color, body style; ideally same headstock, pickup configuration, and electronics
    •allowances necessarily made for different string count, different types of strings, presence or absence of frets, different levels of wear

    If you have something close, but not quite, I suggest contributing to one of the handful of twin-ish threads that hasn’t totally died down yet. Again, the idea here is to see nearly identical instruments and the stories behind them.


    I like to have matching four- and five-strings. I got the five first in summer 2019, trying to sonically match a very different looking four; but I fell in love with the ‘70s Precision aesthetic, and immediately had to have a visual match in a four. Both then got the orange edges on the pickguards, just to make them mine.

    Same idea with these ATKs, but this pairing played out over a much longer time frame. I got the five new as a teenager in the mid-‘90s. It got sticker bombed, beat on, and neglected; the pickguard was irredeemable, so I just did without. But as the search for a P5 dragged on, I remembered how much I loved this bass. I got a period-correct four to match in April 2019, but I needed to do something about the mismatch of pickguards. For $2.66 and a sore palm, I got these sheet metal screws in, and again, now they’re mine. Maybe I can sell the pickguard for a tiny profit :laugh:

    There are my perfect pairs. Let’s see yours!
  2. wizard65


    Sep 1, 2014
    Identical twins with their (slightly) older brother. 61CF2231-4EF3-4066-9BBD-60E736D13D85.jpeg
  3. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru..........

    Apr 11, 2006
    I have fraternal twins:

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  4. Bergerman

    Bergerman Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2004
    Creswell, OR
    One was born without frets...

  5. BBQV


    Feb 13, 2010
    Uppsala, Sweden
    March '81 SB-1000 and February '81 SB-900.


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  6. KaraQ


    Apr 19, 2020
    Sacramento, CA
    My contribution...

    A pair of tobacco burst Epiphone bolt-on 'birds (got one sorta by accident... :unsure: )


    And a pair of white, neck-through Epiphone 'birds. One's a Classic Pro in-progress "project", the other a 2019 Vintage Pro (hopefully that's close enough for twins :nailbiting: )

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  7. Riff Ranger

    Riff Ranger Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2018
    Bigfoot Country
    Took a minute to tell which was which with the white ones, so that sure seems like “nearly identical” to me.
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  8. 2saddleslab

    2saddleslab Supporting Member

    May 30, 2003
    Evil twins from different mothers.
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  9. lug

    lug Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2005
    League City, Tx

    In real life, I have two sets of twins as well. :D
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  10. Bob_Ross

    Bob_Ross Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 29, 2012
    Closest thing I have to "twins" are these second-cousins-once-removed, a pair of Modulus Quantum 6-string basses:


    On the left is a 1988 Quantum-6 SPX with bolt-on graphite neck, alder body/coco bola top, EMG J pickups, ACG/East EQ-02 preamp, and Kahler bridge.
    On the right is a 1996 Quantum-6 TBX with graphite neck-thru, presumably alder body wings, EMG soapbar pickups, EMG BTQ preamp, and ABM bridge.
  11. Riff Ranger

    Riff Ranger Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2018
    Bigfoot Country
    Before we get too many flipped color “twins” here (and that’s certainly a cool look; I tried it with Peavey Furies, but it didn’t take), I just want to note that I tried to make this thread different. Nobody gets to bag on me for starting another twins thread when there were already more loosely defined threads out there :bag:
  12. rtav

    rtav Millionaire Stuntman, Half-Jackalope

    Dec 12, 2008
    Chicago, IL

    Yamaha RBXJM2 x 2.

  13. Dunno.
    Maybe more kissin' cousins instead of twins.

  14. TheReceder


    Jul 12, 2010
    The only real twins are the black later model foundations... one is a lined fretless the maple fretboard is a fretted. The USA cirrus was adopted... and there's a early year sunburst that's the most recent addition to the family... I'll update the family picture in the near future. It is interesting to see the subtle differences of the basses through the years and I'm pretty sure the combined cost of all the foundations was something less than the Cirrus...and I paid $700 for the Cirrus.

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  15. Skip Chucker

    Skip Chucker

    Dec 9, 2018
    They're fraternal, but I love them just the same. bass family.jpg
  16. alembicguy

    alembicguy I operate the worlds largest heavey equipment Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2007
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  17. Sorry , no pics. Two mim P basses , a '99 and an '00. Both 4 string , both midnight wine and neither one with any major mods. One has a Hipshot D Tuner (added by me) and an aftermarket bridge (Gotoh I think) that was on it when I bought it. The other one is bone stock. Both bought used for ridiculously low prices. Both needed a major truss rod adjustment when I got them. I think that's why they were sold and the previous owners didn't know what to do. After a tweak here and there , they both play great and I have gigged with both of them.
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  18. Riff Ranger

    Riff Ranger Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2018
    Bigfoot Country
    These all fit the bill as laid out in the original post and clearly must have some stories behind them; I hope you’ll share the stories as well!
  19. joel406


    Dec 27, 2013
    My American Pro V’s.
  20. Mustang Surly

    Mustang Surly

    Jul 10, 2013
    Like Jeff Scott, fraternal, but not identical:

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