Why do Right Handed people outnumber Lefties?

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  1. Why isn't left/right handed a 50/50 thing?
  2. Internal organs are asymmetric. The brain is asymmetric. That's the way it is. Or google.
  3. Right handed people are more likeable. That is not a hard and fast rule, just an observation.
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    Are you aware of the bias against left handed people? Bias against left-handed people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    When I first started grade school in 1949, it was still common practice to force left handed people to be right handed. My father, who was also left handed, went to the school and insisted I not be forced to be right handed. I play right handed because my aunt who gave me my first stringed instrument, a uke, said it was the proper way to play. I golf right handed because that was the only clubs available. Why I bat right handed, I don't know, but I do throw, catch, and kick left handed. But, I can scratch my ass or pick my nose with either hand.
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  5. Truly ambidextrous.:)
  6. Gravedigger Dav

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    I prefer ambisinister.
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    I'm technically right handed and play right handed, but bat left handed. I play ping-pong left handed. When I pick up a shovel or broom, I don't know which handed it is, because it switches back and forth all the time. Given a little practice, it wouldn't be too tough to write lefty and probably throw lefty. I pick up forks and spoons with whichever hand is nearest.

    All this means is that I don't know right from left, so never, ever ask me for directions. I don't get lost very easily, but if you follow any directions I try to give, you will end up somewhere you didn't want to be.
  8. Bigotry.

    Plain and simple.

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  9. Because we are supposed to be right handed.
    It prevents people from bumping elbows with the person next to them while eating at a table.
    Bumping elbows is not natural and is wrong.
  10. Stuff I do left handed: Write, throw a ball, hold a spoon. Stuff I do right handed: Play bass & guitars, hold knife and fork, hold my "third arm" :p But the feeling in the hands is that I'm left handed, I'm left footed and my left eye is also the dominant eye. My sister (not twin) is also left handed. Both parents are right handed. Crazy stuff, almost. :p
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    Because right-handed is the "right" way! :D:D

    No, seriously - it is just the way that humans are made with a bias towards the right side.

    People can also be right or left eyed. What eye do you sight a gun with? Some people are "cross dominant" - right handed and left-eyed, or the opposite. If you are, you should be aware of this and take steps to work properly with your cross-dominance.
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    They were still doing this in the 60s. My dad went to a Catholic elementary school and the nuns were not about to have a boy writing with the Devil's hand. He is a left-handed person living like a right-handed one... his penmanship is atrocious.

    I am left-handed and play righty. All my friends started playing guitar and when I picked up their instruments it didn't feel incorrect. I am so glad I learned to play right though, it's hard out there for a lefty.
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    Because almost all other mammals (that we know about) have a left and a right hand gene; and one or the other is turned on in a pretty even 50/50 split;resulting in a fairly even distribution. Homo Sapiens, for some reason as yet unexplained, has only the right-hand gene. So, none of us are genetically left handed, as other mammals are. There is compelling evidence that, in humans, it's mostly caused by various traumas that result in oxygen deprivation, before/during birth. In my case, I was the first born child, and my Mom's labor was hard and prolonged. But, it's not genetic...:cool:
  14. Source?

    I'm not trying to be argumentative; I'm left-handed (for most things) and am intrigued by this idea.
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    Jul 3, 2007
    I'm a complete mess!

    I write left handed, use a knife and fork RH but a spoon LH, cut (and butter) bread or saw wood with either, hammer or single handed axe RH. Use mouse RH but can use my left (with RH buttons).

    Sight a gun and shoot RH but listen to the phone with my left ear (otherwise I don't take the info in so readily). Bat RH, use garden tools - fork, rake, hoe LH.

    Edit - and play guitar RH, I didn't realise that you could get a LH guitar when I started playing.
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  16. I thought right hand dominance was a Northern Hemisphere thing. :rolleyes:
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    I write left handed but do nearly everything else right handed. Both my parents and my brother are left handed, although in Germany where my Dad grew up he was forced to write with his right hand.

    To top off my oddness, I'm also a blue eyed redhead, which is an odd combination to begin with. Neither my parents or my brother share my eye or hair color.
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    For the same reason there is more matter than antimatter.
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