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    Hello All,

    I play bass in my Worship team. I wanted a pedal to thicken up my tone. Something that can fill some empty space. We currently have three singers, keyboardist, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and drums. Our healing service worship team only consists of two singers, keyboard and acoustic guitar and of course me on bass.

    I was thinking of using either a chorus or a light overdrive pedal. Any suggestions are welcome. Something simple.


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    Have you checked out the P&W club? Surely a plethora if information/opinions/suggestions in there.
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    yeah, check out the P&W pedal board thread
  4. A Delay or Chorus should work. Have you considered a multi effect unit like one of Zooms offerings? You can get a lot of bang for your buck with one of those.
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    A nice octave pedal works
  6. Learn how to play ghost notes. If you already know them then work them into the pieces tastefully and you can add a lot of rhythm to the more acoustic ensemble for free.
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    Depending on the room, the mix, and the soundguy, effects that you add will get lost in the mix and you may even lose some low end with certain pedals what would take your bass out of the mix. If you're looking for something that can be more dynamic, look for areas where you simply don't play. Or if you're building on a particular part, play an octave up and then go back down in the more impactful moments.
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    This +1000

    Empty space? I'd understand if you were in a trio, but in a situation with seven other members...? I have no qualms with adding effects, but don't expect that to solve problems if you might have issues elsewhere. Without hearing your team, I'd suggest to consider observing the arrangements, performance of the arranged parts, and finally FOH mix/EQ/venue if you're feeling it sounds empty. By all means, check out the P&W thread, though.
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    A compressor
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