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  1. I just picked up a nifty little Yamaha Attitude Standard from the Trading Musician in Seattle. Its not the Billy Sheehan version, its the first incarnation with a PJ setup, I'm guessing early 90s...The previous owner took out the selector switch and added EMGs.

    Its not a super spendy bass, but its P sound is spot on thanks to the EMGs, its got a good bridge, and the neck is INSANE! Clearence is phenomenal, and the action is perfect. I've started saving up to get the Attitude Ltd III.

    It doesn't have a serial number so I can't find out exactly when it was made...anybody have any idea when it could be from? I know its a first generation, with a single output and a PJ pickup scheme. Any helped would be appreciated.
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    before they we're called attitudes

    its a "prototype attitude" as Billy calls them

    also its not An Attitude III

    they have two versions of the Attitude II the newer lava red and black ones and the classic Sea foam green and black ones

    I have a Newer Attitude II in lava red with coloured neck pickup and both Pups are will powers,

    yamaha had none when i ordered and the guys at my music store really helped, i got to talk to the build team at yamaha! i told them the things i wanted and they did it!

    They offered differnt colours, other scallop depths, other colour fret markers.

    (my one is Lava Red, Colour neck will power pickup has black (standard colour) fret markers and a first fret marker to match the other)


    i would say some time in the 80's-90's i was only born around mid 90's, and i don't know the year exactly but i would hold on to that bass if i were you!
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    Apr 26, 2009
    Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
    oh well i saw a vid were billy called them prototype attitudes