You Can't Hold No Groove

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  1. Okay, so i got a question about this song real quick.
    Lemme break it down for ya,
    i can do the whole thin up to the part with the harmonics. I got the tabs and what it shows is like physically impossible to play and I've tried figuring it out myself on how to make it sound like it does but I can't.
    Can someone tell me how to play to play that one part with the harmonics?
  2. Mr_Krinkle


    Apr 28, 2008
    Uhhh... What song? Can you post the tabs?
  3. the only tabs they have are in powertba or guitar pro but ill give it a whirl.

    its like this
    |--24-----12--12| |-12--12--12----------------|
    |--24-----12--12| |-12--12--12-----5--5-5-----|
    |---------12---7| |--7---7---7--5-7--7-----7--|
    |3/22--7--7----8| |--8---8---8----------------|
  4. apaprently those "AH's" didnt work out right but those are artificial harmonics on the chrods with the 24 on the g string and everything with 12 on all the chords with the 12 on the g