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ZOOM B9.1ut

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by singlemalt, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. I'd like to start a thread for the Zoom B9.1ut.


    I don't know how long they have been out, but I'm hoping there are a few TBer's out there that are dialed on these.

    I would also like to work up a review of this effect over the course of figuring it out.

    First night out of the box, I just went thru the presets and messed around with the expression pedal, while looking over the preset descriptions. Looks like lots of usable stuff, and some junk.

    So, far I've only used the head phones and the mono out into another headphone amp. I can't make a lot of noise in the evening when everyone is home.
    I was bummed on the low output, until I found the db pad switch. Now I've got a comfortable range with the head phones: Nice sound!

    One thing I wanted was aux. input. This thing needs to replace a very old and crunchy sounding Bass Rockman. So, I plug in the ipod, dial up some Bela Fleck and set the B9 to "Victor's sound". Balance the levels, dial in the active eq on the Dingwall Super J, and:hyper:, oh yeah I'll buy that!

    I'm just going to have to buckle down and read the manual.

    First impression: after a couple hours, there is plenty of promise here.

    Question: Are the parameters and controls basically the same as the B2.1? Could I pick up some "tone recipies" from the B2 settings thread?


  2. i have the guitar version of it, but the next model up, the GX9.2tt

    as for how the bass one works im mot sure, but i love the guitar one. all the effects sound right and the dual way foot control is great (you can sweep 2 parameters at once even for 2 separate effects, up and down and left to right, at the same time :))

    but as with most zoom distortions they are a little digital sounding BUT the tubes do help smooth the digi fuzz down a great deal (the 2tt version has a 12ax7 as a psuedo power amp tube to add that little but of push/pull kind of breakup).

    i imaging most sounds from the B2 could be copied and then tweaked some more on the big one.

    also i use the guitar one on bass :) some of the pre's are top heavy but the EQ sorts that out no problem, i aint used it much since i got my POD X3 so im a little rusty on its workings
  3. The big brown truck sould drop mine tomorrow. I have a B2 right now. Love it. Can't wait to get home from work tomorrow. I'll update my status ASAP.
  4. Quick test with the amp hooked up! (nobody home today but me and the dogs)

    Very cool! I'm more of a button pusher than a manual reader, but I stumbled on to the short cuts between patches.

    I could easily see lining up four progressing patches in a row, but that would mean I have to read the manual. I'm going to, I promise.

    The sansamp is very cool.

    This thing looks like a keeper.
  5. Ok, I unpacked it. Wow, it's bigger than I thought it would be, not a big deal. Heavy too, built like a tank, I like it. All I had time to do was run through the presets w/ headphones. Wow, the presets are great. Everything sounds alot clearer than on my B2. I can't wait to dig into this thing deeper. More reports coming.
  6. Work is getting in the way off messing with the B9.1ut. But, at least I'm working.

    I don't see being ready to gig it in the next couple weeks but maybe it will be ready to debut on New Years Eve.

    I have been reading the manual and once I get some time, I could see getting four tweeked up settings saved, numbered 1-4 like having gears to shift up through, at least that's the idea.

    It does hit the GK's pre amp hard enough to get good warm sound at low volumes, and the "sansamp" preset is a nice starting point for just warm punchy power.

    Anybody else getting thisB9 sorted out?
  7. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep Banned

    Feb 5, 2006
    West Coast of Canada
    if it sounds anything like the B2, it might be fun :D
  8. They changed a number of things from the B2. I was after a headphone out, and aux in. It works as a headphone practice station, I can run in the ipod, drum machine, metronome and adjust the levels.

    I have yet to try the stereo DI's into my firepod, or the usb into the mac. Haven't messed with the midi yet either. It comes with Cubase 4LE.

    They left out the drum machine and added the two way pedal, which is pretty cool on some of the presets I've checked out. Depending on the patch it works as a volume pedal, with the twisty top increasing the other effect, like more or less flange.

    The tube preamp deal is cool, mix tube and solid state to start.

    Zoom's web sight has a thorough description and pictures, but the resolution leaves thing a bit fuzzy, they do have the manual as a PDF.

    I'll have some time to mess with it next week. Looks like I have yet to tap into most of what this will do. I have been impressed with some of the 80 preset patches. The manual takes a couple of times thru to make sense.
  9. trazik32@mac.co


    Jan 31, 2008
    i have searched everywhere im kinda disapointed but im kinda excited cause i think im the first to put up a patch on fourm for the b9.1ut hopefully this inspires more people to share some patch ideas hope you all enjoy this setting its really good clean sound for the softer stuff

    sub bass
    type=q1 f=50 g=-2db
    type=q1 f=150 g=-2db
    type=q2 f=400 g=+4
    type=q2 f=1.2k g=+1
    type=q2 f=2.0k g=+2
    type=sh f=6.3k g=-1

    3 (efx2) flanger
    depth=60 rate=10 resonance=3 lo-cut=200

    4 (delay) delay
    time=420 feedback=30 hidamp=9 mix=20

    f3 (function3)reverb (arena)
    decay=15 predelay=90 tone=8 mix =60
  10. Thanks you are the first.

    Frankly, my B9.1ut is kicking my butt. I have yet to decipher the manual.

    Work has been getting in the way.

    This should get me into figuring it out.

    and I've got more excuses, like the snowboarding season has started, and the inlaws for the holidays.

    I'm going to get to it, I swear, next week!
  11. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    Do yourselves a favour guys and download the editing software and buy an inexpensive USB to midi interface. It make it a LOT easier to edit and save patches. Plus you can instantly see where are the 'knobs' are set in each patch and you get a nice eq curve to look at. Oh, and it saves sitting on the floor trying to edit the thing.
  12. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep Banned

    Feb 5, 2006
    West Coast of Canada
    I thought everything above the basic [B/G/Whatever]2 models had USB built in?

    I know the 2.1u stuff does....
  13. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    It does, but that's only for carrying an audio signal. Zoom in their wisdom decided you need a midi interface to edit midi parameters. God only knows why they didn't implement midi through the usb interface.
  14. One tiny little hint on page 51. Looks like they use midi for a bunch of data transfer functions.

    I'm still trying to get thru the first 25 pages.

    Thanks for the tip, I'll go check out the Zoom software.
  15. Wow! Very cool software for mac.

    Loaded right up, good pfd manual.

    Just from a quick glance, I would say once this is dialed we could exchange patches over the computer.

    Is there an online library?
  16. And look! under piles of papers and bills and crap on my desk, there is a firepod with midi in/out running by firewire to the mac! Already got the midi going to the synth.

    Holy crap! So I could maybe use my bass thru the B9 to trigger Halion in Cubase?

    Been six months since I've messed with the firepod, or Cubase. Garage band should do it for now!

    I'm going to need some technically savvy adult supervision.

    Luckily work has slowed way down, and the rainy season has arrived. Lots of dark cold hours to hibernate in the basement and get this stuff going.

    Now, if I could just get the inlaws to GO HOME, and find that plumbing leak that's raining into the basement so we can shower upstairs.

    Looks like today is ripping out the ceiling and fixing some drain waste problems....dammit.

    Then I'll finish the demoed room and make it a studio. Right, more coffee and the wrecking bar, its time to get cracking!
  17. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    Probably not as it doesn't convert note information from the bass itself to midi.

    However, the B9 has a 'pedal synth' with which you can trigger notes by pressing the buttons, rather like playing the keyboard with your feet, or a set of organ bass pedals. I pretty certain you can send note information from this bit to any sampler or synth of your choosing.
  18. Well, darn, but I can still get to Halion via my casio keyboard.

    Found the leak, too bad the ceiling had to come down. Turned out to be not so bad.

    Now back to the B9.1ut!
  19. Okay, some real progress!

    I got the editing software and librarian downloaded.

    Hooked it up like this: midi in and out to my Presonus Firepod interface, connected by firewire 400 to my mac. Everything synced up fine, but I needed to set the midi tx and midi rx. I uploaded the whole factory preset list into my user patches, like instantly, and now I can select a patch and start modifying.

    I also hooked up both 1/4" out puts to channels 1 and 2 on the firepod, adjusted levels and sent that to garageband. Dropped in a drum loop and off we go!
    Super sounding! and we've just barely got started.

    With the editor open it is super easy to see just what each module is doing, select which part of the module you want to use and tweek the parameters.

    Still reading the manual, but the more you mess with it, the more it makes sense.

    I'm amazed at the depth of the B9.1ut, each module has lots of individual effects, like the four choices for compressor limiters, dozens of preamps, the speaker cab modeling, and reverb are very cool.

    The desk top editor is slick! Just the EQ section can tweek things in so many ways.

    Thanks for the tip!!

    Once you get what you like going it easy to save.
  20. gatbass


    Jul 29, 2007
    Hey trazik32@mac.co I tried your patch last night. Very nice and one I'm saving.